SF update: September 8, 2015

There are exciting things going on at SF and we wanted to share a bit of the good news with our readers:

  • My book Our Southern Nation: Its Origin & Future is ready to be published. It will soon be available through Arktos, the leading international publisher of traditionalist and Right-wing books. We are deciding on a cover picture from various images I have taken. Quite a few pre-publication copies were sent out for review and we have received enthusiastic, positive feed-back from leaders within the Southern movement as well as respected academics in Canada and Europe. All of the historical points and assertions in the book are cited with mainstream academic sources. There is a lengthy bibliography and an extended index which will be of value to students and others readers. We are now lining up interviews to promote the book and are making other preparations for its soon release. This is projected to be the first in a trilogy of short works which present our Southern nationalist identity and worldview. And now SN supporters can help get copies of this book to the people who need to read it! Our goal is to raise $2,500 for this important purpose to educate our leaders and opinion-makers.
  • I will be in England this weekend to attend a black tie dinner and deliver an after-dinner presentation to the Traditional Britain Group. This event will give us an opportunity to raise awareness about the on-going war against the South and represent Southern nationalism on the international level to some of the UK’s leading traditionalist intellectuals and activists in a beautiful setting which suits the nature of our cause.
  • We are building a database of information and original pictures of beautiful Southern homes, churches, monuments and historical sites associated with our rich heritage and identity in Dixie. This will be a renewed focus upon my return from England.
  • I plan on producing a short series of pamphlets on Southern nationalist themes which SF readers can distribute to promote our cause. We will move forward with this later this Fall or Winter.
  • I also plan to hold a series of semi-formal and social gatherings in private homes and other locations with talks from leading SN figures to promote their work, build personal connections, promote Our Southern Nation and strengthen the intellectual foundations of our movement. It will likely be the Winter before we move forward with this plan.



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  1. Michael, just want to express my appreciation for having the good fortune to read Southern Future every day. I never fail to gain inspiration and new insight into our cause, from your prose. Have a great time in the UK. I look forward to reading your book, and hearing more about your upcoming projects.

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  2. I am looking forward to reading your book. I have also been wanting some Southern Nationalist literature to pass out at the various heritage rallies. The pamphlets may be just what I have been looking for.


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