Anti-Southern Perry quits

After languishing in the polls with very little support, former Texas Governor Rick Perry gave up his campaign to win the Republican US presidential nomination. Quoting Black Leftist activist Martin Luther King, Jr, the cuckservative Perry claimed that universalist rhetoric from the radical leader is “the central constitutional principle” of the United States – ignoring the following facts:

  • Non-White immigration to the USA was forbidden by law until 1965
  • Interracial marriage was banned in every Southern State until 1969
  • Non-Whites were not considered citizens of the USA until 1868

Perry has supported the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People’s campaign to eliminate symbols of Southern heritage. He called taking down Confederate flags “an act of healing.”



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  1. Perry is just another of the many disappointing political leaders that the Southern people have had to suffer. Perry talks a good game, but ends up pandering to the people of Texas’ enemies. He cared more about gaining the approval of New Yorkers, Pennsylvanians, etc, and transplants, than in serving his own people.

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    • Yes, indeed, James. The awful Perry puts his own people’s interests last while strongly advocating for competing groups. Ricky-boy is the ultimate cuckservative – seeming to relish serving those groups who are repopulating our land and driving us from power and influence.


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