This is how Europe dies? (part V)

Germany has decided to commit suicide.

Apparently, the German people, conditioned through the mass media and the country’s educational system to hate themselves since 1945, no longer have the will to live. The teeming masses of the Third World are more than happy to move in and live off of the aging German tax payers and inherit the country’s sophisticated economy and culture – while it lasts.

NBC News reports:

Germany welcomed at least 10,000 more asylum seekers into the country Saturday. As officials worked to give all a firm roof over their weary heads, a packed stadium cheered some of the littlest newcomers, who walked in hand-in-hand with top soccer players.

Germany over the past week has taken in more than 40,000 people fleeing war and poverty in the Middle East, Asia and Africa — and a poll has suggested broad support for the government’s course.

At this rate Germans, who have the lowest birth rate in the world and are dying off as a nation anyhow, will soon be a minority in their country – much as the British are now a minority in London. Europe is dying before our eyes – killing itself at an ever-quickening pace.

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