Madison S. Perry: Settler, governor, soldier

Madison Starke Perry (1814-1865) was a South Carolina native and Southern nationalist leader who moved to Florida in 1845, where he and his wife helped found the community of Rochelle as a Southern frontier settlement. As a planter, Perry helped spread the neo-classical civilization of the Golden Circle to a new undeveloped land. Perry went on to serve as the fourth elected governor of the State, holding the office from 1857-1861. He built up the militia in anticipation of secession and once the State did announce its independence Perry demanded US evacuation of military installations in Florida. He served as a colonel in the Confederate military until he was too ill to fight. Perry died an early death in 1865.

Below are pictures that SF reader Marshall sent in to be used on this website. They show a State marker as well as the graves of Perry and his son (who also fought for the Confederacy). These reminders point to the heroic struggle of our people to settle a country and then fight for our independence against a powerful, hostile aggressor.

Click here for more articles and pictures on Southern heritage.





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