Essential SN reading (part I)

One of the books I return to again and again for inspiration, insight and sheer entertainment is Dr. William C. DavisRhett: The Turbulent Life and Times of a Fire-Eater. Davis, who teaches at Virginia Tech, is the leading authority on Robert Barnwell Rhetthett, the Father of Southern Nationalism. This book is at the head of any essential reading list for Southern nationalists because of the impressive sources it draws upon, the wide range of Davis’ historical knowledge and the author’s ability to cut to the heart of the matter while telling a fascinating story about one of the Southern nation’s most important figures. Davis’ obvious bias against the senator and his desire to show the great leader as somehow childish only takes a little away from the book. We SNs are used to a hostile US interpretation of our history and have much practice at reading between the lines when necessary.

“The Southern people have but one alternative – independence or ruin.”

-Robert B. Rhett, 1854


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  1. I just finished reading The Confederacy as A Revolutionary Experience and The Confederate Nation, Both by Emory M. Thomas. They site Davis’ work and go into some detail about Rhett, Ruffin and the other fire eaters. These books make it clear that the U.S./Northern history is confused nonsense, lies and excuses for aggression and law breaking. It’s essential that Southrons hear their history from their fellow countrymen, not hostile foreigners with an ax to grind.

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