Nationalist update: September 18, 2015


Twenty-three high school students in Montgomery County, Virginia were suspended for peacefully protesting their school’s ban on clothing which displays the Confederate flag. Their school is 80% White and specifically singles out the Southern banner as not permitted.

Illegal immigrants are using US courts to fight Texas laws which present hurdles for them to gain citizenship for their “anchor babies.”

The dream of a more united region of Latin American, which includes many post-plantation societies of the former Golden Circle, as a bulwark against US control and neo-liberal/Post-Modern exploitation is very much alive in the form of the Union of South American Nations, or UNASUR, (as opposed to the US-controlled Organization of American States and Free Trade Area of the Americas). Unfortunately, there is no free South or traditionalist Brazil to lead this effort.


The uncontrolled flood of illegal immigrants, referred to as “migrants” or “refugees” by the media, is leading to increased support for nationalist, anti-immigration parties across much of Europe.

Germany is projected to spend at least 25 billion euros over the next two years taking in at least a million African, Arab and Asian illegal immigrants, a Japanese firm has determined. There is broad agreement on the figure. The Third World immigrants will provide cheap labor for big business while tax payers support them, just like the situation with Mexicans in the USA.

Alternative for Germany (AfD), an anti-immigration populist party which endured a major schism this summer as pro-immigration EU skeptics broke off from the party, is polling at its best in four years. AfD is now polling at 13% in the eastern state of Saxony. Across the country as a whole it is now polling at 5.5%, above the 5% threshold required for representation in the government.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban of Hungary is under fire from the Left and false-Right across Europe for defending his country’s borders. Many thousands of Third World illegal immigrants have trekked through the Balkans and reached the Hungarian border. That border has been recently closed with a fence. Immigrants massed and attempted to storm the fence, attacking border guards. Orban’s stand at home has strengthened his popularity. Hungarians appear to be one of the only European nations resistant to going the way of the dodo bird.

A priest in northern Italy has refused the call of Pope Francis to accept vast numbers of Third World illegal aliens in all parts of the country. Fr Angelo Chizzolini, who said he would rather burn his house down than open it up to the Third World immigrants, is being praised and supported by the surging nationalist Northern League party.

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