This is how Europe dies? (part VI)

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán recently explained that the “spiritual-ideological era” of liberalism had created an identity crisis in Europe. Deracinated Europeans have been spiritually powerless to halt the endless flood of Third World immigrants pouring across the continent’s undefended borders, though physically it could easily be done if there was a will to survive (which Germans, in particular, seem to lack).

Orbán hopefully projected that liberalism may be at its end and its destruction “provides a new opportunity for the national-Christian system of ideals and way of thinking to regain its dominance not only in Hungary, but throughout Europe.”


Meanwhile, the liberal government of Croatia helped 1,000 Arabs enter Hungary illegally, sending them over on a train with police protection in a brazenly criminal act that violated international law and Hungary’s national sovereignty. Hungarian forces stopped the train, disarmed the foreign police, expelled them and arrested the driver. They plan on taking care of the illegal immigrants though, burdening taxpayers.

Hungary has completed a fence, reinforced by hundreds of new border guards and Hungarian soldiers, along its frontier with Serbia. It is now working to build such a wall along its border with Croatia. Tens of thousands of Third World immigrants, unable to reach Hungary via Serbia, are now trekking through Croatia to the Hungarian border.

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Thanks to SF reader CC!

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