USA brings ‘refugee’ crisis to SC

The Left-wing US government has targeted the Upcountry of South Carolina, the Whitest and most conservative part of the State, for a flood of “refugees.” And Left-Christian churches are aiding the invasion.

Most of these Muslim immigrants are seeking to escape the poverty and destruction that US military intervention brought to Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. Once stable authoritarian regimes were toppled in those lands with US support, triggering a “migrant” or “refugee” crisis. Additionally, vast numbers of Africans and Asians, taking advantage of the opportunity to escape poverty and live comfortably in a Western country, are adding to the problem. Tens of thousands of these illegal immigrants daily appear at European borders demanding to be able to travel to Germany and Sweden where they will be supported by a generous welfare state.

Now the United States government has brought these Third World immigrants and their problems to Dixie. And many Southerners are unhappy about the influx, though their complaints have fallen upon deaf ears. Chamber-of-Commerce-Republicans fully support  open borders and bringing in millions more Third World immigrants to provide cheap labor for Big Business. And Democrats support it because the vast majority of the non-White immigrants or their children will eventually become Democratic voters.

If the South were independent, Southerners would not have to pay to police the world and engage in failed nation-building exercises. We could close our borders to the Third World, keep our jobs and not be replaced in our own land by foreigners.

Note: The European Union government has voted to force vast numbers of non-Western immigrants on countries in Europe which oppose taking in more “refugees” – much like the USA is forcing “refugees” upon communities which do not want them. There truly is no right to self-determination in the USA and EU.

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