Scott Terry reviews ‘Our Southern Nation’

Scott Terry is a Southern nationalist writer and activist from North Carolina who keeps the blog Shotgun Barrel Straight. He is an ex-Navy photographer and once stole the show at CPAC by pointing out the paternalistic nature of the Southern plantation system at a “minority outreach” effort by #cuckservative insiders. Mitre and Crown recently published his review of my soon-to-be released book distributed by Arktos entitled Our Southern Nation: Its Origin & Future. He generously writes:

…Cushman unleashes a painstakingly thorough arsenal of citations aimed at demonstrating to those with ears to hear, that the South ought not be thought of as a cultural part of the United States.  Instead, it ought to be thought of as a unique civilization – a part of the so-called “Golden Circle”.

…For those of us who have spent time in academia, it’s refreshing to read a book like Cushman’s – it’s a tool, presenting all the intellectual ammunition a young Southern intellect could want.

Be sure to read the entire review!



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    • I am having a SN social gathering in Augusta, GA in November to celebrate its release. I will have copies on hand there for purchase and will sign them if anyone is interested. By then it should be available online as well. I will be at a number of small events over the course of the next year to support the book. And I have been booked for a spot on the Political Cesspool radio show to talk about it as well. There are many promotions that we are now planning to promote the book.


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