Flying US & Confederate flags?

If you are going to display the flags of General Robert E. Lee and US President Barack Obama then at least be sure to fly Lee’s flag on top. Put the Southern Cross of Jeff Davis over the striped banner of John McCain.

Someone is doing exactly that in my local area. At least they put their own people, heritage and identity first. That is a good place to start.

American US &Confederate Rebel flags



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  1. Some of the folks in my town actually fly both of the flags, sadly with the Empire’s flag on top. Honestly, I’m just happy to see it and sooner or later I’ll have a flag pole in my yard too, except at the top of mine will be the Bonnie Blue Flag and then the Southern Cross.

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  2. Only the Texas Flag and other Southern flags are allowed at Hobbiton Farm. Like a lot of people here, I’m partial to the First National. It lasted in Texas till the end of the war. I like the Lone Star First National, too.


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