Pope Francis invokes MLK, urges open borders & amnesty

Pope Francis gave a political lecture to the US Congress today, as CNN reports. While invoking the memories of Leftist icons Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr, the Pontiff urged the United States to take in the teeming millions of impoverished Third World people in Latin America and not to be concerned about their vast numbers. He likewise repeated his call for Europe to commit suicide by taking in an endless flow of illegal immigrants from Africa and Asia, many thousands of whom daily appear at Europe’s mostly undefended borders.

The Left-wing Bishop of Rome focused little on traditional Christian priorities, CNN reports (such as the moral outrage of murdering millions of unborn children), opting instead to give a Progressive political lecture which appeared to delight the US media:

Francis also appeared to reflect on news coverage of racial violence over the past year and a debate over the place of Muslims in U.S. society that arose in recent weeks.

Citing Martin Luther King’s “dream of full rights for all their brothers and sisters,” he urged Americans to remember the civil rights icon’s legacy of “liberty in plurality and non-exclusion.”

As Hunter Wallace noted at Occidental Dissent, the Pope’s message is “liberalism in religious garb.” Is it any wonder that White people have been leaving the Roman Catholic church and liberal Protestant churches? Perhaps it is because these churches are now controlled by Social Justice Warriors who have nothing constructive to say to White Christians – especially traditionalists.



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  1. David,

    How does this view of Catholicism compare to typical Southern Baptist/Presbyterian views on the liberal aspects of the Pope’s message to American Christians? Do Southern Christian denominations take the view that, as Christians, we should be welcoming Third World masses to compete with our limited charitable resources, our culture, and our desire to live with our traditonal values and associations?

    James H.


  2. 1. Lincoln was a warmonger who’s actions resulted in over 600K deaths, numerous rapes, burned cities and stolen property. So much for blessed are the peacemakers.

    2. MLK was a philanderer and a 1st class degenerate. In addition, he was a communist, and a Baptist minister who questioned the divinity of Christ. Why would the Pope have anything good to say about him is beyond me. Pastor Anderson dutifully takes down the MLK myth

    3. There is no theological basis for the Pope pursuing so call “global warming.” This is a science and policy issue. Earth is our temporary home. He should be more interested in saving souls rather than saving the planet.

    4. There is no theological basis for open borders immigration. A person may have a moral obligation to provides alms for the poor but there is nothing in the Bible that requires him to invite poor people to live in his house. Churches should provide needed supplies for poor people in their own countries but there isn’t a Biblical obligation to let them flood other countries. The Pope should read 1st Corinthians, Chapter 14, Verse 33. European and US societies are well ordered and peaceful. Open borders immigration will only result in strife, chaos, and most likely war.

    5. The Pope went to Congress and said nothing of any value concerning abortion.

    6. The Pope went to Congress and said nothing of any value concerning “gay marriage.”

    7. The Pope went to Congress and said nothing of any value concerning the agressive US forein policy, the number of lives lost due to US’s imperial foreign policy, or how recent US interventions have caused governments to be stabilized and has caused the humanitarian and immigration crises.

    8. The Pope went to Congress and said nothing of any value on fractional reserve banking, usury, debt based currencies, and international banking and finance.

    As far as I can tell this Pope is not an Authority. He is nothing but a figurehead. The Catholic Church is somewhat analogous to the British Monarchy. Hundreds of years ago they had real power. Today each of them has no real power and their leaders are no more than figureheads. The Pope pushes anti-capitalism, open borders immigration and global warming so as not to offend anyone. Or at least not offend the leftist press. Why would anyone choose to follow anyone who refuses to stand up and lead? Maybe you ought to start a series, “Is this how Christianity Dies?”


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