Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah, GA

Just east of Savannah, Georgia is Bonaventure Cemetery, a genuine Southern treasure. Located on a small bluff beside the Wilmington, River, Bonaventure is a magnificent final resting place. Numerous Confederates and other Southern soldiers and leaders are buried in the public cemetery. Ancient oaks, covered in Spanish moss, palmetto trees and other lush greenery give it a unique and live feeling. I visited Bonaventure last year and took the following pictures which SF readers may enjoy. This magnificent cemetery is a testament to the rich heritage of the Southern people and natural beauty of our native land.

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  1. Beautiful. Thank you for the post. I share your interest in the many varied aspects of our heritage and, like you, rejoice in it at every opportunity!

    That said, if you ever get a chance to come to Eastern North Carolina, may I recommend that you stop in Scotland Neck? There is the historic Trinity Church cemetery – complete with a lovely 1840s wooden Episcopal church, a sizeable ornamental pond, and many interesting headstones – and, get this : the last cemetery in this part of the country to have many of our forefathers’ graves covered, not by the stars & bars, BUT, that flag of ours so under attack.

    Given the recent desecrations of such places, you may wonder how such a place can survive in a place 70% black, but, just north of the town, it does – and all of it covered by lovely, and, indeed, rare sloping ground – rare in this part of the South, as indeed are the huge ancient Hemlocks that shade it.

    Also, the cemetery, in Tarboro (just 20 miles away) may not have a rival there, as the rector, Joseph Blount Cheshire (active 1840-1880) was an avid botanist, and, thus, planted all sorts of wondr’ous evergreens, most of which are still healthy.

    Sir, the Tarboro cemetery may be the most beautiful cemetery in The South – something to be walked, in order to be believed. In the center is a huge old brick Episcopal church and, rimming it is a lovely brick wall. A few famous NC Confederates are there, there, unlike in Scotland Neck, there headstones lack the appropriate flags.

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