Plain Truth: The South prior to the USA

James Chalmers was a British-born political activist and military leader who lived in the Southern colony of Maryland. He was a loyalist who wrote Plain Truth (1776), a response to the popular pro-independence pamphlet Common Sense (1776) by Enlightenment philosopher and political activist Thomas Paine.

Chalmers recognized that the North and South as different societies with competing interests under the British monarchy were largely unable in that undemocratic system to impose their values and preferred policies upon the other. But if the empire were divided and the colonies were joined together under a more democratic system, Chalmers predicted conflict and war. He foresaw, for example, the fight over the location of the Federal capital and the horrible slaughter of the 1860s.

He wrote, “Released from foreign war; we would probably be plunged into all the misery of anarchy and intestine war. Can we suppose the people of the south, would submit to have the seat of Empire at Philadelphia, or in New England?”

Notice that this quote from Chalmers not only predicts the future, it establishes the “people of the south” as distinct from New Englanders and other Northerners prior to the existence of the Union. Contrary to the theory advanced by Abraham Lincoln and other anti-Southern leaders, there was no single and united American nation of people who fought against the British and established a new government for themselves.



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    • Babs, I want our people to survive and ultimately be a free nation. If the status quo is maintained we will not survive and we certainly will not be free.

      At this point I am mostly trying to build up our tradition and foster national awareness in Southerners.

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  1. I read up on the “Green Mountain Boys” New Englanders brag so much about. They were actually the national army of the Republic of Vermont and fought a war against New York over territorial claims in what would become New Hampshire. Contrary to folklore, they contributed almost nothing to the final defeat of the Crown in America. In fact, they fought other “Americans” as much as they did the British. To them, victory and success in war meant fulfilling the policy objectives of the government in Montpelier, not those of some larger “American” nation or people, which in fact, never existed. Because of this independence of action and thought, it took Vermonters decades after 1787 to stop thinking of themselves as a distinct nation.
    There are bits and pieces out there. They all prove one thing. The Union is nonsense and Northern Nationalists are bold faced liars.


  2. White people have to stick together. If we stuck together like the jews do we wouldn’t be in our current situation.We should recognize our differences but not allow them to divide us to the point that we are a conquered people. We have to save ourselves, Europe, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Russia & Canada. We are Western civilization, together we stand, divided we all fall.

    Obviously the South cannot stand alone and defend ourselves against the world. If other White people are destroyed we will be as well. We will be crushed.


    • The North, collectively, views non whites as political allies in their unending war against the South. This animosity towards the South defines the character of their politics and ideology. So much so, in fact, that they would even sacrifice their own survival and future in order to hurt us. And that’s just what they’re doing through the agency of invading non whites. And through their native coloured auxiliaries. Consequently, such people can never be our friends or allies. Even the pro whites ones are still virulently Anti-Southern. Therefore, we must seek friends and allies among the western states, Canada, Latin nations like Brasil and Argentina, and among the European nations.


      • Russia would be a good option aswell. With any luck the US will get dragged into a war with Russia/China. From that point I’d say even with an unlikely victory against them the morale would be so low that balkanization would occur naturally.


    • Babs you’re confusing an understanding of the genocide taking place globally with National Sovereignty and freedom. The Southern people are a single nation and are conquered currently by the North. There is no amalgamated white people. We, just like the other races are divided and diverse. Grouping is a product of the mind. We must not ignore reality and generalize to too great an extent. A Korean would never see himself as a Japanese person. If the Genocide was an Asian genocide the Korean would still see the absolute necessity of his own nation’s survival. We have been through much in the span of 2 centuries including one attempted genocide campaign after a bloody war of conquest that completely destroyed our economy and had the Northern Democrats to ally with, temporarily staving off hostilities after we pushed the Northern troops out, restored order and quelled the anarchy unleashed upon our land by the Northern Invading army, and took back our courthouses. Since the 1950’s we have been under a second Genocide, being committed passively at present, which you are aware of. We either secure our freedom or cease to exist as a people. The political machine is entirely against us and there will be no short term solution this time.

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