Dissolving the GOP

“Trump winning the nomination could foreseeably lead to the dissolution of the Republican Party….”

Daily Beast writer Will Rahn says Jeb Bush (an anti-Southern and pro-amnesty candidate who has fallen from the ranks of the top tier) should quit so the anti- Donald Trump vote can unite behind a single candidate. This, he argues, can save the GOP. As much as Southern nationalists may loath Jeb, maybe it is best he stay in the nomination race. He gives Trump a punching bag. And he being in the race increases the chances of Trump winning and taking down the Party of Lincoln – creating political space for something better (like secession and Southern nationalism).



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  1. I hope this isn’t the case. There is a power vacuum on the Right but there isn’t a power vacuum within the Republican Party. It’s good to have the Republican donor class pour its resources into their party. This gives the chance for regional parties to compete against them. What’s not needed is another fake opposition party (e.g. Tea Party) that drains resources and political support from regional parties.

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  2. The Government became an Empire that is limited to it’s ability to enforce it’s will over the Sovereign States over a General Government that Compromises and wields all of the powers that the Sovereign State’s wish to submit to it collectively at a given time, acting as their organ collectively. The former may have a spike in power initially but such structure results in dissolution of the Central Power as it expends itself at a rapid rate carrying out, (since it has made the area it is over, States in our case, subject) unlimited abuse and oppression during it’s decline and death (as is inevitable when men dissociated from who they rule do so absolutely and are not bounded by any sort of negative). The Non-enforcement of the Marijuana Laws are a sign that DC is nearing it’s end. 4 States have decriminalized recreational use, blatantly violating Federal Law with no repercussion. Medical has stipulations and fits the trend of the establishment giving in to liberal emotionalism but the new Laws in Washington State, Oregon, California and Colorado allow anyone to buy up to an oz and smoke it without any legal repercussions inside those States. As more and more States follow after in pursuit of the money generated Washington will have a real problem as it struggles to enforce the law within’ it’s own public domain.


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