Overcoming Modernity (part I)

Dr. Guillaume Faye, an influential academic writer associated with the rise of the so-called French New Right, addresses the false association of the ideology and values of Modernity with the technological advances which have long been produced by Western mankind and other human civilizations in his book Archeofuturism: European Visions of the Post-Catastrophic Age (Arktos, 2010):

[M]any will fear that the death of the ideal of progress and the new order of the world will bring an end to rationality and destroy both science and industrial production, thus setting back the whole of humanity.

It is a common misconception, however, that technological science naturally rests on progressive and egalitarian foundations. This is not true: the end of progressivism – with its dream of globally extending industrial consumption – does not imply the dismantling of technological science and the condemning of the scientific spirit. Technological science has been perverted by the egalitarian universalism of the Nineteenth and Twentieth centuries, which has sought to extend its influence beyond all resonable limits.

Dr. Faye invisions technology and science continuing to be developed in the future in a system based upon healthy, neo-classical values rather than Modernist values. He sees plenty of room in such a world for traditional societies and believes that the West must be guided by pro-Western values which abandon the idea of limitless expansion of bourgeois society around the planet. These are ideas with which Southern nationalists can find common cause.



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  1. Technology advances, Human nature does not. We’re still the same ole sinful critters with better toys than our parents had.

    The Progressives got it in their heads that people and the civilisations they’ve made are just another kind of machine that can be upgraded and improved. In order to do that, however, you’d have to remove certain qualities that would render a result that could no longer rightfully be called Human.

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  2. Even before you get to the notion of Dr. Faye’s premise, Sir, there still remains the notion that humans find it difficult to remain still, in any sense, and, thus, are terminally addicted to a kind a crazy wandering most of us, either personally, physically, spiritually, sociologically, or whatever, refer to as ‘progress’.

    In Buddhism this has long been labeled as ,’ the trap of becoming’ – and, as such, it as seen as one of the primary entrances into a human hell.

    We all heave to deal with this, constantly, and this connection between technological evolution and ‘progress’, is one of but thousands of ways to fall into ‘the trap of becoming’; and, yes ; certainly military adventurism, or the financial imperialism, long practiced by Western governments is another cancerous way.

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  3. Science and Inventions occurred before modernity and will occur after. As long as their are Caucasian genes inventions as well as observation and experimentation (definition of Science) will continue to be present. Those 2 things do not rely on any certain belief system or structure to exist. Their existence comes from our race. We are naturally curious and creative.


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