Southern nationalists & British Tories

The Leftist (“Conservative”) government of David Cameron has failed to uphold the Tory tradition in the United Kingdom and has supported, among other liberal causes, homosexual marriage and mass Third World immigration (even though the Conservative Party gets only a very small percentage of the non-White vote – just 16% in 2010).

Southern social theorist George Fitzhugh wrote in 1863 of the strong historic, ethnic and ideological ties between genuine Tories of the UK and Southern nationalists:

The framers of our Confederate constitution have wisely and prudently acted on these English Tory, conservative principles.

…We are Tories, not only in feeling, sentiment and opinion, but Tories by blood and inheritance. Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and the Carolinas, colonized the rest of the South and Southwest, and these States were settled by Cavaliers, which was the first name that the Tories bore.

…We should cherish and cultivate the friendship of the English Tory party; for that friendship is not accidental or affected, but proceeds from concurrence in political doctrine and blood relationship; for we are descended from the Tory stock (Revolutionary Southernism, North American Movement, 2014, p. 18).

As Southern nationalists we look to rebuild a strong working relationship with traditionalists and friendly voices in the British Isles and to defend our common heritage and interests.

Note: The picture below was recently take at a British pub in South Carolina.




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  1. Where should one start on researching the Southern/British connection? I remember on the old SNN website, VS used to talk of how Southerners fought on behalf of the king in the English civil war but I could never find any information on the subject.


    • WS, many of my books mention it. I write about it in my forthcoming book “Our Southern Nation” and document everything. So that might be a good place to start. It will be out in about a month.


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