Nationalist update: October 19, 2015


Chamber-of-Commerce-Republicans and Black Leftists in the Florida Senate voted today to remove the Confederate flag from the State seal. Republicans, backed by the large majority of White Southerners, hold 26 of the 40 seats in the Senate.

Anti-Southern activists at the University of Mississippi have forced a vote on whether to remove the State flag, which feature the Southern Cross, from the campus.

Texas has won a lawsuit filed by supporters of Third world immigration which would have forced the State to make it easier for illegal immigrants to get State birth certificates for their children – enabling them to gain US citizenship.

A recent Gallup poll shows that 60% of people in the United States do not trust the US media. In 1999 a full 55% reported that they trusted the media. Distrust of the media is much higher among younger than older people. Democrats tend to be more trusting of the media than Republicans.


T]he colossal movement of [Third World] migrants and refugees into Europe isn’t likely to stop or even slow anytime soon,” writes Mike Bird of Business Insider Australia. And “European nationalist parties are enjoying a worrying surge of support on the back of the continent’s migrant crisis.” The liberal, bourgeois journalist adds that “it seems like only a matter of time until one of these parties truly transforms the political makeup of Europe by breaking through and leading a government — just don’t be surprised when it happens.”

The establishment coalition in Sweden between the Socialists and Center-Right which has prevented the nationalists from gaining influence in government may be on the verge of breaking. The surging Sweden Democrats have doubled their support to just over 25% on an anti-immigration platform. They are now the most popular party in the country, polls suggest.

The nationalist Swiss People’s Party beat expectations in winning 29% of the vote in this weekend’s election. The party ran on an anti-immigration platform. It was already the largest party in Switzerland and expanded its lead over the Socialists and pro-Big Business/open borders parties of the Center-Right.

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