Our origin, egalitarianism & the Southern answer

Author and psychologist Dr. Kevin MacDonald has explained that research shows that the original egalitarian hunter-gatherer culture of Northern Europeans was later dominated by the warrior culture of conquering Indo-Europeans. Neither were strongly ethnocentric, making Europeans the only major human group predisposed to individualism and universalism. The Indo-European warrior culture subsided over time as the egalitarianism of Northern Europe strongly re-emerged (as can be seen in the rise of the Puritan cult and the anti-slavery liberalism of England, Western Europe and the Northern USA). MacDonald identifies the Confederacy as the last hurrah of the Indo-European warrior culture, with its defeat by Northern European egalitarianism.

Dr. MacDonald has not yet read my book Our Southern Nation: Its Origin and Future but in it I argue that the plantation system (which we got from the Iberians who got it from the Italians and Crusader States) made Southerners resistant to the rising tide of individualism and liberalism. It connected us to the positive values of the Classical Civilizations. It imparted a healthy ethnocentrism. It was inegalitarian. And it presented a way in which our people and high civilization might have avoided the pitfalls of individualism and egalitarianism.



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  1. Yes, Sir – I think I fully get the drift of what you say, here, and have been saying, on this score. Yet, there is a certain peculiarity, or duality inherent, if you will, and that is ; while North culture may be more ‘predispossed’ to a culture, and then a political system that is a non-aligned egalitarianism in support of ‘individualism’, the simple fact of my experience of having spent some significant time in 13 states, is that it is in Southern towns where one finds the most eccentrick characters, and the most stridently individualistick – a little noted demographick that finds no correlary in pale New England towns, where quiet historical enchantment, vis-a-vis architecture, mostly, is great, yet the people not nearly so eccentrick as I know many of my rural Southron brethren to be.

    It may be that, in this contradiction, I am reminded of a longstanding conversation I have had with my dearest friend, a sixty something Russian immigrant – both he and I noting that Russians, despite arising from the individualistically repressive Soviet Union, are far more individualistick, and prising thereof, than their contemporary American counterparts, who arise from a culture that has given every support to that conceivable.

    Is it that we are most likely to create the opposite of that which we are?


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