Doggrell & political persecution in Alabama

Former police officer and Southern nationalist Josh Doggrell defends his reputation in a detailed op-ed and explains how City Manager Brian Johnson of Anniston, Alabama acquiesced to the political pressure from the Southern Poverty Law Center (a far-Left, anti-White political organization) and fired him without cause. This example of intolerance and political persecution is par for the course in Postmodern America, sadly. The Leftist establishment tolerates no dissent.



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  1. Sir,

    I know it does Officer Doggrell no good, but, still, he has remained in the hearts of me and my family.

    We are inspired by his stand of character, and, we pray, that the day is coming when he and his kind are not so rare.

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      • Sir, I do imagine it!; and, even in lieu of that imagining, have a deep unstinting admiration for the many honest and sacrificing men of the law – they who make it possible for you and I to do what we do, in relative peace.

        Be that as it may, Sir – Officer Doggrell is, as I refer to in my writing, ‘a sublime character oddly out of kilter with his space and time’ – his impeccable honour the sort of which this modern society strives mightily to NOT produce – to, in fact, eradicate.

        Whatever his domestick imperfections may be, he is, and will remain, an inspiration to me.


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