Houston segregationists win at polls

The American “March of Progress” towards equality ran into a brick wall this week as segregationists won at the polls in the largest city in Dixie. The people of Houston, Texas (which is now just 26% White – down from 62% in 1970 – due to the US policy of demographic displacement) overwhelmingly rejected a broad equality measure pushed by Democratic Party leaders and homosexual activists. Anti-egalitarians focused their campaign on opposition to bathroom integration, supporting traditional sex-based segregation of public bathrooms. The Human Rights Campaign, a Left-wing gay advocacy group, called the vote “a devestating blow to equality.”

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  1. Sir,
    I was, just the other day, in the Whiskey Store with my daughter. The town where we were is a neighbouring town and predominantly black, thus, logically, all three employees in this store, were. One of them was a very bright, well-dresst, articulate, and, as he told me – a Howard University educated man, with whom I fell into conversation – first about the marvelously varied topick of booze, and then, God forbid, about integration.

    Though I cannot quite recall how we got to it, at a certain point he asked me : ‘Sir, do you know the most segregated day of the week?’

    I replied that, right off hand, I did not – though I appreciated the fact that barbershoppes and funeral homes still were. Perhaps the tone of my response, (a lack of remorse at the fact) seemed to surprise him; though, possesst of fine poise, he continued on and informed me that Sunday is, still, ‘the most segregated day’, after which he decried the hypocrisy of practicing Christianity, and yet remaining segregated.

    At that point I exulted and said : ‘Praise The Lord for small wonders.’

    That seemed to take him aback, and, for a time, there was a silence. A few seconds later, he askt me why I thought such. I told him that I did not agree with the changes that President Obama was trying to force upon us.

    It was then he quoted the Apostle Paul, a remark which, though it slips my memory, was the very justification of integration.

    I told him that, though people are quoting the bible in favour of integration ,today, that when he and I were kids, the quotes were made to exactly the opposite effect.

    He acknowledged that, ruefully, and then I askt if I was a believer. I said I was, to which he replied that neither of us were in no position to contradict the Apostle Paul.

    I told him that Our Lord also ordered The Jews to slaughter the Palestinians, even their cows.

    To that he made a face and said – they of Canaan were wicked.

    Being that I am Orthodox, Sir, and, unlike my Protestant Brethren, approach My Lord through my church and my prayer life, without the all consuming emphasis on scripture, I felt momentarily impotent to provide him with all the passages in the bible that SUPPORT segregation and nationalism.

    At that point, I got a little passionate, and, unknowingly raising my voice, though without a loss of decorum, I said : ‘I DO NOT want to destroy black churches by filling them full of white folks! They are the center of y’all’s’ communities – living history unfolding, and enough of y’all’s community has been destroyed by ‘Civil Rights’ & ‘Integration’, and I sure ain’t in favour of destroying anymore of it!!!’

    He was aghast – perhaps at a white man leveling with him, or perhaps that I dared speak out against LBJ’s ‘Great Society’, at which point I became aware that everyone else, in the store, had ceast to make even a sound – they all looking at me.

    Having tarried to long, I askt that fine negro’s name, shook his hand, and then took my leave.

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  2. Sir, my politically incorrect Southern Gothick novel was actually supposed to be a series. In this environment of ever less tolerance for diversity of views, my supposedly interested in diverse views, Yankee publisher has grown scared and refuses to publish anything more than the one novel he has placed of mine before the publick. In fact, he is even too spookt to put out my pilot novel in affordable paperback or e-form, he deathly afraid of retribution.
    Although I am pursuing other publishers with other books, I am interested in seeing this series through. I think it has things to say to people, Sir, not the least of which is entertainment. Do you happen to know of any Southron publishers who dare to publish spooky & scintillating reads from an unreconstructed Southern point of view?


  3. Other business has kept me away. However I’ll comment on a some what relevant topic. Anne Richards won the governorship based on Southern populism. She was to an extent a Texas Dixiecrat. Once she embraced the radical, Leftist agenda, particularly the social engineering schemes, she lost. If she were still living, she would have embraced the various Leftist initiatives of late in Houston, and lost more political currency. As long as Southrons remain a distinct majority in Texas, the Left will be kept in check.

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