Anti-White activists take over VCU offices

A small group of Black college students, most of them women, were recently allowed to take over the president’s office at Virginia Commonwealth University. Rather then order their removal, President Michael Rao listened to two hours of their demands and expressed his support for their cause. He even claimed to share their vision of making the faculty less White. The students insisted that they could not relate to White professors and needed more Black professors to teach them. At the same time they made clear that they are not merely pro-Black but anti-White: they protested White students being taught mostly by White professors. They demanded more money for Black organizations on campus and want a quota system to ensure Blacks are hired by the university. It appears that VCU is eager to capitulate to their demands.

This incident, and the socio-political climate which gave rise to it, is a result of the imposition of US values of equality and “Progress” upon Southern society. What we see now is a once-thriving and civilized society being deconstructed by Left-wing, anti-White elements. We see a hostile minority empowered to harm society and impose their agenda upon the politically-powerless Southern majority.



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  1. All this is reminiscent of the 1960s. To hear them tell it, you’d think they’d have “won” by now. With Leftists, the “revolution” is never really over or won. There are always new enemies to fight. If this were 2115, we’d still be hearing the same thing.


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