Southern alternative to socialism & capitalism

Southern intellectual and traditionalist political philosopher Richard Weaver (1910-1963) writes in “The Southern Phoenix” (1963), included in a collection of his works published by Liberty Fund:

An interesting feature of I’ll Take My Stand and a feature which made it obnoxious or incomprehensible to many was the fact that it was both anti-socialist and anti-capitalist. Before the public at a time when socialism in the guise of the New Deal was about to challenge American capitalism, it presented a third alternative in the form of a conservative agrarian social order.

…Socialism is by definition anti-conservative, and capitalism cannot be conservative in the true sense as long as its reliance is upon industrialism, whose very nature it is to unsettle any establishment and initiate the endless inovation of technological “progress.”

Once again, we see the theme of Dixie’s Classical or pre-Modern values in opposition to American Modernist values and bourgeois mentality. And we see too how the Classical values and social order of the Golden Circle do not fit neatly on the present limited Left-Right spectrum. They are rooted in an organic social reality which continues to offer hope to Southerners trapped in a destructive system of exploitation and alienation.



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  1. Would we have built rockets to Mars without industrialization? I’m just trying to understand why progress is wrong? It seems that agrarians would be as stuck in time as muslims the way that you talk about it. Can you explain how we would have evolved to a point where we would have NASA and rockets without industrialization?


    • Various pro-Southern writers take different positions on this. I thought I would share the piece with you even though I tend to agree more with Fitzhugh and De Bow. We can take away some good points from this analysis without committing ourselves to an entirely agrarian society. Classical values can easily be applied to an economically-mixed society.


  2. Sir, while not wishing to diminish or impune your confidence in ‘applying classical values’, I do suspect that there would be quite a few ‘stumbling blocks’ in such a situation.

    What might those be?

    The belief held, by most, in ‘mobility’ – and, perhaps more potent than that – in the possibility of mobility.

    Further, Sir, most believe strongly in notions of ‘progress’.

    Americans, by the nature, for at least the last fifty years, have been obsesst with motion! Why, even on the simplest level, you can see this preoccupation by the choices Americans will make, when they have spare time – the #1 choice being, since WWII, to get in the car and go somewhere!

    And when people apply their best hopes for someone dear leaving their midst, what is it that they most often wish? That the person departing make a Horatio Alger style rise up the ranks into fame and wealth.

    Symbolically speaking, there has been practically nothing in this society. that lionizes what is static or stability – save for Charles Kuralt’s program, a weekly telejournal that once held sway on Sunday mornings, and, still continues on – it taking special time to point out the old fishermen on the bridge, the old sharecroppers sitting on the porch etc, etc.

    This kind of thing, Sir, is, however, rather anomolous.

    Americans, for better or worse, have long internalized their greatest value, as the right to pursue the ‘American Dream’; and that is the very antithesis of ‘stability’ In fact, the modern American idea of ‘fair-play’ is the right to access the ‘American Dream’ – analogous words for mobility – THE QUINTESSENTIAL INSTABILITY.

    So, when I read these words, as I do almost all those you have posted, in recent years, I see a huge gulf between where this society is and where you are envisioning for us to be.

    You are such an expansive person; a man for whom the palette of possibilities is huge – not the least because you are a indefatigable thinker, but, you are a rare bird – very rare anywhere on this globe!

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    • This is true, JD. It is much to overcome. It is why fascism, with its appeal to Modernity and “progress”, would be an easier course. But it would not be half as revolutionary in the true sense of that word. And too much of us would be lost under that system. It would certainly, in a form much like Franco’s Spain, be far better than what we have now. But I would rather promote what I actually believe than take what I think would be the easier course. When I began writing about these things almost no one was doing so. Now my book is selling very quickly and many people seem open to ideas that were long forgotten. I believe we can create a traditionalist vanguard which will lead many people towards our position. From there I don’t know what will happen. But I am convinced this is the right choice for me.


    • I think you meant, “it is hoped, your books will be there”.

      I watched this video posted yesterday

      As you can see it has been removed by the Hidden Hand, as usual and as expected. Our race is being systematically destroyed. Muslims talked on the video about White people not reproducing and then stated that they would rape White women who would reproduce. Europe is gone.

      Hundreds of English girls were raped and abused in England by Paki muslims and the government did nothing. Nothing is done to stop the genocide of White South Africans. Nothing is done to stop black mob violence in United States, check White Girl Bleed A Lot.

      Little Swedish children were chanting, Sweden is your country to the muslims. Our children are being indoctrinated with all the equality BS.

      If we don’t do something and do it quickly we can forget about any future for ourselves. I’m thinking a bio weapon targeting semetic DNA.

      Where are our leaders? Where are the people who are supposed to lead and protect us? They’re helping the jews destroy our civilization.

      Planning and dreaming are fine but we need to do it some other time after we secure our safety and future.


  3. Well, Sir, you certainly are on the right course – a course of grand historick & cultural perspective, and disseminating those things, pursuant to our culture, which have become a matter or principle for you.

    I, myself, as you know, have been deeply moved by your reflections.

    I only meant to point out the vast distance between where you are, and who you are, with where I perceive most people to be, and who they are.

    Something else distinguishes you from the normal human being, in the time I have followed you, and that is how quickly you grow. You always seem ready to try something, and then, after a period, evaluate it, and, if it is not working, you, with, albeit, gentility, shuck it and move on.

    Most people do not work this way, but, from habit; and, that so, they prefer to reassess only when disaster is staring them in the face, and, by that, I do not mean ‘disaster’ (symbolism – perilous trend tendencies etc, etc) as you and I define it – but as most do – a practical material disaster that verily calls their survival instincts into motion.

    Most people need a helluva lot more impetus than you do, to get moving.

    I’m glad your book is selling. Hopefully, your books will become a regular item on political shelves. That particular space is waiting for you – as only ghosts have been there, for decades now.


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