Brad Griffin reviews ‘Our Southern Nation’

Brad Griffin of Occidental Dissent, one of the Internet’s leading Rightist and Southern-oriented websites, has written a lengthy, favorable review of my book Our Southern Nation: Its Origin and Future.

It may be interesting to readers to note that the vision for this book started several years ago as Mr. Griffin and I began writing lengthy, researched articles on the origin of the plantation system in Dixie and the South’s connections to the Caribbean. Excitedly, we had long conversations about our latest research and were perplexed by the Southern movement’s almost total uninterest in the early history of the South (apart from some libertarian interest in a certain historical narrative about Jamestown). It is too politically-incorrect a subject even within much of our own movement. As such, it was as much his dream as mine to see a book such as this published, outlining the birth of our civilization and its purposeful destruction in egalitarian revolution.

Griffin generously writes:

Michael Cushman’s ‘Our Southern Nation’ is a well written, tightly argued book that exceeded my expectations. It relies on dozens of mainstream academic sources which have been ignored by the more Jeffersonian wing of the Southern movement. Indeed, there is nothing in this book which will be unfamiliar to mainstream historians of slavery. It is not a apology so much as it is an exploration of our origins.



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  1. Michael, this book has me really excited. I am purchasing my copy tomorrow. Will there also be a digital version? (Forgive me if this has been answered elsewhere.)

    Why do you think most Southerners are so disinterested in the early history? I have a theory myself, but I’m curious for your take on it.


  2. I’m interested in a digital copy too. I would order one from Amazon but recently the people who take in my packages accidentally opened one. Granted, these were just some DVDs. I like these people personally. However, they are teachers….college professors… profesdors in the sociology department. You know what that means (see below). They would be beyond triggered if they see the book.


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