Fitzhugh on voting rights

Given that Progressive America has taken steps to extend voting rights to illegal immigrants and resident aliens in California and New York, it makes sense for Southern nationalists to consider the principle upon which the franchise would rest in an independent South. A sound starting point would seem to be the advice given by Southern social theorist George Fitzhugh (1806-1881). In his classic work Sociology for the South; or the Failure of Free Society the intellectual from Virginia urged:

We should extend the right of sufferage to all native Virginians, and to Southerners who move to Virginia, over twenty-one years of age. We should permit no foreigner and no Northerner, who shall hereafter remove to the State, to vote in elections.

The advantage of Fitzhugh’s simple plan is that it maintains the national principle: the South belongs to the Southern people and we alone should government it. This is precisely the opposite position from the American universalist proposition which empowers foreigners to make the laws under which we live.

voting rights

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  1. Northerners are aliens, and excluding them from our polity is actually the main goal of Southern Nationalism. Remove them from the equation and 80% of our problems are solved. Without their interference, the other 20% can be solved within in a few years.

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