Magic dirt: US immigration policy

The Progressive American policy of birthright citizenship, which Republican US presidential candidate Donald Trump has challenged, makes perfect sense if one holds to the Magic Dirt Principle.

This basic principle of US immigration policy holds that the dirt on the north side of the Rio Grande is distinct from that on the south side and has magical qualities. This magic dirt can fundamentally change a person or even vast groups of people. However, there are tricks to this bit of special earth. It can, for example, take a Hispanic person, raised in a Spanish-speaking home to parents who fully identify culturally, ethnically and nationally as Mexican, and transform that person into one of us. Such is the impressive power of the magic dirt!

Like all magic though, this dirt is limited by special rules and tricks one must know to be able to harness its power. For example, the magic only works on Hispanic immigrants born on the north side of the Rio Grande. A child born to a Mexican mother on the north side is transformed by the magic dirt into one of us! But a child born to a Mexican mother on the south side and who immediately crosses the river is not affected by the soil. Futhermore, so powerful is the magic of the dirt that is a can impart its transforming powers to the family members – sometimes even extended family members a thousand miles away – of a child born upon it. This dirt is truly amazing!

Most governments on this planet control only ordinary, natural dirt. Therefore, they are limited to ordinary, natural immigration policies. They restrict citizenship to their own people and those few immigrants they need who can improve their society and blend into the native population. But because of the Magic Dirt Principle the United States can accept an unlimited number of millions of immigrants from anywhere on the planet, born to families of any culture and holding any allegiance. No matter their physical, cultural, religious or ideological condition – they are transformed into one of us thanks to the magic dirt!




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  1. Magic Soil. Quenton Tarantino born of a Southern mother and New York father in Tennessee, is anti Southern and anti White to the core. Woody Harrelson. Born to a Northern mother and Southern father in Texas. His mother took him to Indian


  2. Magic Soil. Quenton Tarantino born of a Southern mother and New York father in Tennessee, is anti Southern and anti White to the core. Woody Harrelson. Born to a Northern mother and Southern father in Texas. His mother took him to Indiana and Ohio and raised him to despise Texas and the South. His father is infamous for being one of the hobos arrested in the MKT railroad yards near, Dealy Plaza, on the day JFK was assassinated.

    We’ve had Texans of Mexican ancestry for generations. They’re loyal Texans . However, the newcomers refuse to speak English, prefer Mexican symbols, regard Northerners as their allies, and are anti Texan, anti Southern and anti White. Then we have individuals born of Northern parents. They’re not anti Southern per se. They believe that Southrons have the same rights as Northerners, and that the South is a part of the U.S. in good standing. However, they don’t support the Texas Nationalist Movement or any other Southern independence organisation. They’re mostly indifferent to Southern culture. In the long run, they’re no help to us.
    That’s this magic soil. Without Southrons, the red dirt and black land becomes foreign soil.


  3. These days, Sir, I am reminded of when I was a kid; when it came into my mind I was determined to break the rules, and get what I wanted, no matter what.

    Ultimately, that determination would have very bad repercussions.

    I was not only headstrong, sadly, at that time, there were times when I seemed to possess a lack of respect for anyone’s wishes, but, my own.

    The current president reminds me of my younger days – only, his decisions affect many hundreds of millions.

    I believe he has it in his mind to ‘make the most of these last 14 months, in office’; to put this country on a ‘brave new path’.

    The last time this country was so tense was the LBJohnson-RMNixon years. After 15 years of evermore unconstitutional behavior, we are become a powder keg, and the president’s determination to bend things to his will, is stoking it higher – like a board being presst to the point of cracking.

    There are signs that this country has entered a phase not unlike the 1850s.

    I’m sad for my daughter and her wonderful boyfriend, because the chances grow, every day, that their personal story of family life, will be disrupted by a national calamity, that will suck in everyone.

    I hope my pessimism is solely an irrational projection, though, I rather suspect it is not.

    Sir, do you sense any of this, too?


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