Lesser interests

The rise to power of bourgeois forces since the Enlightenment has been an unmitigated disaster for Western man, especially for Southerners, Brazilians and others of the neo-Classical Golden Circle. It has harmed none more than the middle class it sought to empower with broken families (the US divorce rate is over 40%), unsafe cities, highly corrupt government, failing schools and out-sourced industries. We continue to pay a heavy price for the ascendancy of such values as consumerism, equality, mass democracy and universalism.

Nineteenth century French intellectual Ernest Renan captured the essence of the bourgeois mentality and its negative impact on society:

Bourgeois materialism is fated to be a perpetual dupe: talent is beyond a man with lowly interests; a vulgar bourgeois platitude can never spark a sufficient devotion to create an order of things, and it cannot maintain it either.



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  1. I agree that ‘Les Bourgeoisie’ are susceptible to criticism.

    Yet, I feel you are neglecting the upside – that this middle-class mentality is at the center of domestick stability, those involved with it busy improving their homes, busy consuming manufactured goods – both counts stimulating the economy.

    Western Civilization, as far as I can see, has been anchored by Les Bourgeoisie – a necessary buffer between lower class lawlessness and ennui and upper class mania greed for power.

    And when societies attempted to reinvent themselves either omitting or denigrating this element of society, the results have been catastrophick, and have not lasted.

    Sir, the average person is not like you – he cannot live his life feeding his soul with learning and noble ideals – he lives to live comfortably, and his hope is to increase that, all the way to his death – at which point he is lain in the ground under an impressive monument.


    • I am not attacking the existence of the middle class, JD. I am attacking its political and cultural dominance and the materialism which has transcended everything else. I am attacking the short-sightedness of mass democracy and the awful democrats (little ‘d’) that it forces upon us. I am attacking the foundations of Modernity.


  2. Yes, Sir – I understood that; though, I wanted to point out, whilst acknowledging what you had said was true, was that it would be difficult to rid us of the harmful affects, without losing some of the better effects.

    Like medicines – one solves one problem, but, leads to two other probelms, which necessitates more medicines:)


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