Economic exploitation of Upper South

After we lost our war for independence (1861-1865), much of the Upper South was bought by wealthy Northern capitalists for a pittance and the land was mined for its resources by Northern companies. Southerners in this beautiful, minerally-rich region were forced into cycles of poverty. Many of them pushed off their land.

We were economically colonized. Cultural, educational and political colonization followed as the USA exploited the defeated South – just as victorious empires throughout history have exploited hated enemies. This is what the high-sounding rhetoric by Abraham Lincoln and other American leaders about democracy, equality and union actually meant in the real world.

Today’s demographic replacement of the Southern people through Third World immigration is simply the final step in a process which began in the 1860s and was made possible by the follies of 1776 and 1789.

Occidental Dissent has done excellent work in highlighting information about this process of US economic exploitation. Read about it here.




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  1. The North never cared one whit about the Union, until they figured out that they could exploit it for power and profit. They’ve always had different and divergent national interests. They didn’t send two million men, more than they sent to any war between 1756 to 1861, to invade and conquer Dixie, so they could secure rights for anyone but themselves. The fact that they did so, proves that peculiar national interests were at work. And where such interests are found, there is also found a distinctive nation. George Washington made a capital mistake in 1787, and ironically, he knew it.

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  2. Yes outstanding work. This was typical of the American Empire. Absolutely no care for the community, land, or the Southern People. No hope in the Empire. Secede ! Deo Vindice !

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