Self-evident truths

In the study of history and observation of society the following truths emerge as self-evident. Human groups have embraced these facts in different manners according to their unique circumstances and traditions. This is as it should be.

It is painfully obvious to us that the universal propositions that came from the Enlightenment and provided the foundations of Modernity have been tested and proven false. This test has been particularly disastrous for the post-plantation societies of the New World, including Dixie, Brazil, Venezuela and Cuba. A prompt return to Classical values and structures is in order.

  • Human nature hasn’t changed in the thousands of years of recorded history. Modernist ideologies have uniformly failed to create a “new man.”
  • The basic unit of human society is the family, not the individual.
  • Human groups and individuals have differing abilities and inclinations based on biology and culture.
  • There is no “social contract.” Humans are social creatures who are born into a society and polity. There is no “state of nature” for humans without society and government.
  • The universe is ordered and hierarchical.

Roman temple

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