Aiken County votes against Muslim ‘refugees’

Aiken County, South Carolina (my home county) has voted 7 to 2 to not accept any Muslim “refugees”. The two dissenters were Willar Hightower and Lawana McKenzie who invoked the “mixed” and universalist nature of America.

Thirty-one State governors have voiced opposition to allowing in Syrian “refugees” after high profile terror attacks by Islamic immigrants in Europe and the USA.

However, US Progressives note approvingly that the States and people are powerless in the present system to legally stop the influx of these “refugees.” The US government has proclaimed its own supremacy in these matters. This is what Progressives and US officials mean by “government of, by and for the people.”



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  1. Sir, I’m very glad to hear of Aiken county. Here in your northern neighbour, many sheriffs stood up behind Governor McCrory’s declaration to the Yankee government to send us no more Moslems – people, coincidentally, the government, that claims to represent us, has been making a war on, for decades.

    Today, if you can believe this, the senior senator from Vermont, Patrick Leahy, introducet a measure to a nuclear safety bill, which would bar the government from barring anyone on account of his religion, and, as well, would prohibit the government from making background checks on ANY future immigrant.

    Sir, the people who rule us remind me of the man who, having spied that his hot water heater is about to blow up, does not turn it off, but, instead, removes the outlet, and then,takes out a welding torch and trains it on the intake!


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