Our future & well-being

Christopher, a reader from North Carolina, writes:

I have come to the conclusion that the Golden Circle is not just some inherited past that the American South is descendent from or a civilization that critics have long labeled “gone with the wind.” It is the future of our well-being which we can set as our goal and rise above others’ expectations. I truly believe the South cannot make any progress while still being apart of this Union.



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  1. Southern people live all around this country. What you are talking about is not a place it is a people and a way of life. Once a civilization is gone it is gone forever. The most that we can hope for is getting rid of jews and other non Whites and creating something good for ourselves as we have done in the past. But we can never recreate the old South or that way of life again. Perhaps we can create something that does not have what we hate so much that was used to destroy our civilization but we will never again create what was.


  2. The last sentence doesn’t flow. Cuba would be the only State worth trying to include in a New Southern Confederation. The rest below Dixie are all either Super Majority Black as in the case of the island lands or Mestizo. The Mexicans must be deported as well as a policy akin to 15th century Spain enacted upon the Jews. They must convert to Christianity and accept God or relocate elsewhere.


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