University of Tennessee’s anti-Christian message

In true Orwellian fashion the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at the University of Tennessee has a “Best Practices” message for those connected to the university who wish to celebrate this season: place “no emphasis on religion or culture” and “ensure your holiday party is not a Christmas party in disguise.” Be careful not to be “perceived as endorsing religion generally or a specific religion.” Be nothing. Offend no one. But be sure to encourage foreigners and those of alien religions or cultures to celebrate their religion and culture. It’s fine for them. But not for us. This is the essence of “diversity.”

Update: Apparently UT students were told by “diversity” enforcers to take down their Christmas decorations and have refused to do so. Resistance to Americanism lives on in Dixie.



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  1. I keep hearing about supposed “American” values that sound nothing like anything I was taught, and everything like what Northern leftists believe. Cultural and racial displacement are not a values I recognise.

    Last night, I watched some ostensibly Southern candidates, espouse non Southern ideals at the Republican debates. I don’t think the values of South Carolina, Texas, Kentucky, Virginia or Florida were represented very well.

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  2. Sir, I think the ancient Chinese book of wisdom addresses this matter :

    ‘When everything becomes beautiful, there is no more beauty’

    And here you can see how good intentions can quickly lead to bad, as, in what is, ostensibly, the desire to create a perfectly hospitable environment for (all) others, quickly becomes one that is not even comfortable for most – an unwitting tyranny of nihilism.

    A local Baptist church, where my family and I go for Christian fellowship (nearest Orthodox church 60 miles away) has maintained it’s traditions – from the warm and God-fearing ways, to it’s sense of intimate convivial community, it’s congregants direct descendants of those who founded it, a long time ago.

    It is, as you might suspect, a whites only church, though, some have suggested that it ought be integrated; and they of that opinion are, make no mistake, very loving individuals who believe that doing so would better fulfill a Christian sense of caring and compassion.

    The problem has been, as you imagine, how to voice a defence of this church’s traditions in such a way as to fulfill what is truly kind, and not what is theoretically so, in a way that is not ‘offensive’.

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  3. @Mr. Owen…

    ‘I keep hearing about supposed “American” values that sound nothing like anything I was taught, ..’

    But, sir – your education seems to have left you quite in the dark about the key principle to ‘Americanism’.

    That principle is mobility – or, more specifically : the right to ‘move’ any precepts, from the Founding Fathers, that we happen to find objectionable.

    If you listened more frequently to NPR, Stephen Colbert, CNN, MSNBC, & Jon Stewart, you would know this…

    Try to curb thy delinquency…

    Yours truly, Junius Daniel.


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