Al Sharpton demands removal of Citadel’s chapel flag

New York activist Al Sharpton was recently in South Carolina demanding that the Confederate flag in the chapel at The Citadel in Charleston be torn down. The anti-White leader told the media that his Black Leftist organization called National Acton Network will take its demands to the South Carolina legislature.

Earlier this year the Governor Nikki Haley and the White Republican majority in the statehouse voted to give into the demands of Black Leftists and foreign-owned businesses and took down a Confederate flag that flew beside a Southern veterans memorial in Columbia. The move came despite the fact that the majority of South Carolinians and a super-majority of Southerners supported the flag. It inspired hundreds of pro-flag demonstrstions across the South this summer and fall.

Hundreds of Citadel cadets and graduates fought for Southern independence in the 1860s. Many of them were killed by US troops in action. The flag hangs in the academy’s chapel in their honor.

On a personal note, there was an Irish pub in downtown Charleston in the early 2000s where many cadets would sometimes gather on the weekend. The band would play “Dixie” as the last song of the night. I sang along with those in the packed pub many times as the cadets took off their hats for our Southern anthem. Those were inspiring moments when the spirit of our people could be strongly felt by all present.

Confederate flag at The Citadel



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  1. But for the insatiable demands, expectations and sense of entitlement of the Northern nation and their coloured auxiliaries and political pawns, none of this would even be an issue. But for the Union…,


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