Tarantino’s anti-Southern ‘Hateful Eight’

Hollywood film writer and director Quentin Tarantino’s newest film “The Hateful Eight” is another politically-correct movie which pushes an explicitedly anti-Southern and anti-White historical narrative. It features former slaves and ex-Union soldiers as the heroes while former Confederate soldiers are the bad guys – the safest target for scorn in Progressive USA other than perhaps Nazis, Russians or Afrikaners. The film is full of ultraviolence and profanities, for which Tarantino is known, and David Yorkshire at Counter Currents describes the dialog as “largely uninteresting.”

Needless to say, I do not plan on watching this film.



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    • Agreed

      I don’t know if Southerners are naturally into theater/movie making. It seems to me that this is more of a Northern or Jewish thing (admittedly, they are good at it). But I would be nice if there were people who could pool their talent and resources to make good Southern films. It never ceases to amaze me the high production quality that can be achieved on a relatively small budget. The big budget Hollywood films can afford advance CGI, explosions, and special effects but I think good Southern entertainment can be produced on a low budget.

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  1. For my money, Sir, here is always ‘The Rebel Outlaw : Josey Wales’, written by klansmen Asa Carter or ‘Birth of a Nation’, written by fellow Tarheel, Thomas Dixon, though, originally titled ‘The Klansmen’.

    These films have been watched by hundreds of millions, and either one tells more of the truth than all the rest of the Hollywood films on the subject, combined; which is why I watch each one, several times a year, and plan on doing so, until The Lord calls me home.

    As for Hollywood, I ‘abjured them’ (to employ a turn of phrase by Dr. Hill) in my late twenties, and that was a long long time ago. My stepdaughter came to live with us recently, and, at her insistence, I tried to watch some of her favourite films, but, with precious few exceptions, I get so dang queazy, I madden her by getting up and muttering under my breath, at the filthy degeneracy, on my way out of the room.

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    • JD, on the subject of The Outlaw Josey Wales. That movie has always had a special meaning for me and my friends from childhood on. Quantrill’s winter camp was right west of where I grew up, in Grayson County, on the Red River. The film is based on the novel Gone to Texas. Josey Wales is based on real life Missouri guerilla Sam Clement. Incidentally, the Fannin County mentioned in the film is the county east of Grayson, and west of Lamar County, where I now live. Incidentally, unlike the film, the land here is black belt prairie, red dirt and piney woods. After the war, Clement and a great many Missourians relocated to North Texas. There was a girl in my class who was a direct line descendant of Clement. In any case, we grew up on tales of Missouri guerillas, Quantrill, Generals Maxey and Stand Waite and the Choctaw and Cherokee brigades and the war in Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma territory and North Texas. We took to this movie, because it talks about the places we know, and people we heard about, out here in west Dixie, in what was originally meant by “Southwest.” I have it on DVD and watch every now and again. It clicks in the same way as the book and film, The Outsiders, does.
      As an aside, Jonah Hex dissapoints both as a comic and a film, because the writers are Northerners with no knowledge of the war in the Trans Mississippi, or the South in general. Ride with The Devil, is excellent, however. And fits well into the Josey Wales, Jessie James genre.


  2. Tarantino was born of a Southron mother and a New York father in Knoxville. It’s not hard to figger out where he gets his bias from. Historically, the Yankees were nearly always the villains, especially in spaghetti westerns, and movies where the opposite is true, haven’t done all that well. I don’t know how Tarantino’s other “Westerns” have done, but I don’t think this one will do better than average.

    The Yankees have taken a new tac over the years. Young Southrons have now been granted some Humanity and some limited status as “fellow Americans” with Northerners., but not much. About the same as is granted to folks in Wyoming or Utah. This has been done in order to reduce Confederate soldiers to the status of outlaws, criminals and “rebels.’ Rather than soldiers serving in an official army with a real, live government and nation backing it up. This is exactly what Tarantino’s new film is meant to do. Coincidentally, they’re also working to discredit the notion of a Southern people and Nation. Which is why we find many young people in our midst who have become pro Northern and anti Southern.

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  3. I didn’t pay for the movie, i pirated it. Not knowing who it was by, it was so anti white it made me want to buy a confederate flag, despite being from the north. Worse than django unchained. Worst movie i’ve ever seen.

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