The false-opposition: Our real enemy

The Republican Party’s losing strategy: Let’s cut taxes on Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, who will not vote for the GOP anyhow, and pander to non-Whites (when the vast majority vote Democratic) while ignoring the real concerns of the White middle and working classes which make up almost the entirety of the GOP potential electorate.

This is why the GOP is a false-opposition party – like David Cameron’s Conservatives in the UK, Nicolas Sarkozy’s Republicans in France and Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats in Germany.

The false-Right is the real enemy. In the USA, France, Germany and the UK the Center-Right parties’ policies of mass immigration shrink the demographic (and thus political) power of White voters – all four countries are quickly moving toward a White minority future in which the Center-Right will be a permanent and shrinking minority force. In the meantime, the Center-Right’s policies hurt Western countries economically with support for de-industrialization and expansion of the immigrant underclass – killing jobs and driving down wages for native workers who are forced to compete with an endless flood of impoverished Third World workers.

Especially here in Dixie, elections are essentially a racial and cultural head-count. This is certainly true outside of university towns where White Leftists (generally imported from outside of the South) have some influence. The false-opposition depresses White turnout by running on a platform seemingly designed to ignore the concerns of the White middle and working classes. The false-Right also supports the Leftist goal of creating a White minority- which would be a disaster in the present democratic system.

The false-Right must be defeated in Dixie and ultimately across the Western world as it was in South Carolina in 1876 when Southern patriots defeated the occupying Northern-Black Leftist front by first defeating the cooperationist false-Right. And, as in the Palmetto State following that important victory, a new political arrangement must be made which supports our interests and improves our long-term demographic situation.



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  1. I’m only just beginning to understand how hi-jacking someone’s culture leaves them powerless. We don’t control our public airwaves, our movie industry, music industry, publishing industry or our government. I am taunted on social media that this country is not a White country and doesn’t belong to me any more. I feel defenseless. What can I say to these foreign turds from the turd world who are not fit to shine the shoes of the White man?

    I have been kicked off twitter so many times I can’t even remember where all my false email accounts are or can’t log into them at yahoo. Can’t remember any of the passwords. The last time I was explaining on twitter to some innocent person who had attacked Hitler about how jews were the cause of WW1 and how they got Palestine. Some old jew jumped into the conversation, called me a liar and said he knew that history and before I could reply a message popped up that my account was frozen because I was suspected of suspicious activity.

    Yet everyone else is free to attack White people anytime and their accounts are never suspected. Tim Wise said on CNN the other day that Jesus caused White Supremacy or some such BS. If I said something like that about jews I’d get arrested for a hate crime. We have freedom of religion unless you’re suspected of being White and Christian.

    How about next year we protest the jews putting up their monstrous ugly candelabra on our White House lawn. Let’s go after them.


  2. Dear Miss Jean,
    I know the state of the country is such as to exasperate anyone, not least of all any thoughtful Southron. I go through it all the time. Here are some ideas that may make it easier for you…

    #1. Realize that this is a period in history, and, as such, it, too, shall come to pass; and what comes next is anybody’s guess.

    #2. Publically advocating viewpoints, on sites other than a few (i.e. Stormfront, Der Sturmer, Occidental Dissent etc) which are perceived to be ‘anti-semitick’, is like charging Seminary Ridge – you will be raked repetitively by cannon fire and grapeshot, and you will not succeed in doing anything but bringing a lot of pain upon yourself. Find ways, like Mr. Cushman does, that forcefully advocate the change you wish to bring about, that do not bring such heavy fire upon yourself. Preserve yourself. Life is a long race.

    #3. Look to strong examples, such as Dr. Hill. Pat Buchanan, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Cushman, Alex Jones, Brad Griffin, who have the courage to advocate continually in the face of peril and difficulty, and feel their strength.

    #4. Put the bulk of your advocation energy into your local area, where the Yankee empire’s control is much weaker.

    #5. At the beginning of the day, the middle of the day, and at the end of the day, turn it over to Oure Lord, Jesus Christ. Lean on the everlasting arm.

    If none of this helps, please disregard. I wish you and yours the best for the New Year.


  3. Dear Mr. Cushman,
    As usual, you have your finger right on the pulse of the problem.

    I say, over and over again, that the strong advocation by minority groups, do not, even when taken as a whole, do near the amount of damage to us, as we do to ourselves – when we continually drink the poison of believing in, supporting, and contributing to those who have incessantly supported the policies that diminish our existence.

    Before anything good can be done, this process has got to come to a stop.

    How that is to occur, however, is anybody’s guess, as the purposeful confusion, disinformation, and distractionism is so strong, and so many decades entrencht, that it is probably going to take an act of God – a cathartick historick moment – to bring on the climate wherewith such a change might begin to bud.

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