Nationalist update January 14, 2016


A Muslim “refugee” has been arrested for trying to blow up two malls in Texas.

The Republican-controlled Senate of Florida has removed a small Confederate image from its seal.

Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina gave the Republican response to Obama’s State of the Union Address. In it Haley boasted of taking down the Confederate flag as Al Sharpton and the NAACP had demanded. The choice of the anti-Southern and Left-leaning GOP governor by the Republican establishment was widely seen as a rebuke of Donald Trump – who is running on a Right-wing platform and is wildly popular in the South.


Third World “refugees,” nearly all of them young men of fighting age, are harassing women in Austria driving at least one bar owner to ban them. Thousands more are entering Austria every day. A total of 90,000 immigrants claimed asylum in the small Alpine country last year. Most of them were Middle Eastern Muslims. The chief of police in Vienna has warned women that it is now unsafe to go out at night alone.

The AfD, a Right-wing populist party in Germany which favors seceding from the European Union and stopping the mass influx of Third World immigrants, is riding high in a new poll at 11.5%.

The European Union is investigating the policies of the new nationalist government in Poland to determine if they violate the mandates of the EU regime.



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  1. I agree Governor Nikki Haley was picked because she’s a liberal. Typical of the GOP not caring about it’s base especially Southerners. Good lesson why the people should support Southern Nationalism. Deo Vindice !


  2. Sir, things are just plain awful right now. When a scalawag like Governor Haley delivers the opposition party response to the Yankee president’s state of the union, and informs us that we who are angry, have no place in the process, I can feel my blood boil and my eyeballs tense up.

    This after she betrayed the very constituency that elected her, and removed our sacred symbol.

    I can only be cheered by the fact there you those like you and the stalwart Mr. Pace, who will not go quietly.

    God bless you both!


    • Junius things are far beyond awful. Since the 60’s our civilization has been fully broken and on a deathspiral and the entire dominion of the US under a continual onslaught of attacks. It has been done gradually enough to where we have become used to living in a dying land and do not see how far our civilization has fallen. We are the last group of white people in this part of the world who still have a desire to live. Those controlling things cannot stand this fact. We must work towards Secession, to be done as soon as possible or be faced with a war for survival.


  3. Dear Jay,

    I agree – and I work every day to awaken our fellow kinsmen and church congregants from the toxick pipe-dreams of ‘bein’ ‘merican’.

    In the midst of all what is bad, Jay, I can share a little good news : when we returned to North Carolina, in December 2014, in all our many journeys around the countryside we saw only one Confederate flag flying.

    In the past two months, however, for reasons I know not why, we have seen more and more houses flying our flags around here.

    And when I see such, though it amuses/vexes my wife, I stop our car and go knock on their door to give them my thanks and encouragement to never stop flying the stars & bars.

    My very best to you in this new year. We won’t give up.


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