Southern genetics & the ‘Cherokee princess’

Recently, Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent posted the results of his genetic test. They confirmed that the native Alabamian is 100% European in ancestry and mostly British in background. In fact, given the mass influx of Third World immigrants welcomed to the UK in recent years by traitorous Conservative and Labour governments my friend is more British in ancestry (67%) than the average resident (60%) of Great Britain today. When his Irish (11%) and British ancestry are combined it is to be noted that over three quarters of Wallace’s ancestors were from the British Isles.

I also had a genetic test done not long ago. It revealed that I am 98.3% European in ancestry (trace amounts are an educated guess, I am told) and 96% Northern European. My results stated that I am 57.7% British and Irish, 14.4% French and German and 24% “broadly Northwestern European.” I also have trace amounts of Iberian and Southern European ancestry. So, I am somewhat less British in ancestry than my friend but still mostly British and nearly entirely Northwestern European. And it should be noted that my family on my father’s side has lived in North America since 1621.

Contrary to stories I was told growing up there is no “Cherokee princess” in my ancestry. I am 0% American Indian. In fact, the Indian ancestry in our people’s genetic makeup has been greatly over-stated. Studies show that White Americans are 98.6% of European ancestry, meaning we are not a “melting pot.” This is true in Dixie as well, though undoubtedly there are some Southerners with trace amounts of Indian DNA.



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  1. Same here Michael. I was always told that my maternal grandmother’s grandmother was full blooded Cherokee. My grandmother had high check bones which everyone knew proved the Cherokee ancestry. But a DNA test showed that not to be the case. I have 0% Indian ancestry. Considering that inter-racial marriage between whites and another race would have been illegal until the last couple of generations it’s rather obvious now. But it is a common thing to believe you have Indian ancestry.

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  2. Saw an obituary of a local woman, here just a week ago. Though the picture of the woman revealed her to be as white as all get-out, the article said she was, ‘extremely proud of her Native American heritage.’

    Made me think of some maternal relatives of mine, (Appalachians from Sparta, Swannanoa, Arden North Carolina, and Galax, Virginia) who think just like this woman, too.

    Really, Sir, I’ve grown tired of this white tendency to identify with a minority.

    As a half-breed, I can assure you that the advantages of being ‘mixt’ are greatly outweighed by the disadvantages. Our forbears were right to spurn race-mixing, though, today, mentioning such a view, as I just did tonight at Bible Class, is sure to irk the ‘progressives’.

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    • I think this goes back to the “noble savage” myth. Later it became an easy way to disavow one’s Whiteness without identifying with Blacks. Afterall, we are the villians of Modernity. And the Indians are now portrayed as being “in tune with nature” and very spiritual due to their neolithic technology. One couldn’t be extremely proud of their White or European ancestry but identifying with non-Whites is strongly encouraged.


  3. Some of this is purely insane. I remember a female of my acquaintance who had red hair and blue eyes and was extremely fair. She took to wearing Indian ponchos and Indian jewelry and once told me not to let the white skin fool you (as she ran her hands up and down her arms) as she assured us she was 100 Cherokee!

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