Requiring our extinction

The esteemable Southern attorney and historian Sam Dickson spoke at a recent National Policy Institute forum in Washington, DC on the subject of Southern identity. His presentation holds too many important concepts to discuss at once here on SF. Instead, we shall return to it in several future posts.

Perhaps most importantly, Mr. Dickson noted that the South was the first target of American imperialism and after the conquest of the Confederacy was held in poverty as an economic colony of the USA until World War II. Despite this, he pointed out that many Southerners have an overwhelming desire to be accepted as Americans and strongly support its wars against other nations around the world. And yet this support has not weakened American hostility towards the Southern people and identity – as made obvious with the ongoing crusade to eradicate all Southern flags and symbols of distinction. As Mr. Dickson notes, “The paradigm of our enemies excludes White Southerners. It requires our extinction.”

Be sure to listen to the entire presentation of The Tragedy of Southern Identity.



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  1. I sort of agree with Mr. Dickson’s premise here, in that certainly we have become a ‘conquest’ of the Northern Empire. As to my home, however, I would bicker over the sequence and dates. My first issue is who was targeted first : the Red-men, I believe, and then the Colonial Mexican government – though the consequences have not been quite so dire for the latter as the former.

    As to our fate, Sir, and the history of it, it is complicated by the fact that, though we lost the War of Northern Aggression, our veterans (North Carolina history) banded into ‘Hunting Clubs’, and Scarlet Knights’ and reasserted control over our country, (NC) by 1872. That sovereign control was not tested again until many years later, when the Warren Court and a the presidency of a tyranny Southron scalawag, LBJ, subdued us.

    Unfortunately, at that time, our daddies were not up to the task, and those initial reverses have been spread into a full on cultural repression, as you well know.

    All in all, I find our situation not unlike The Welsh or the Scots, and their treatment at the hands of the British empire – which, I note, bears startling similarities in it’s composition, tacticks, and financing, to the present day Yankee one.

    I won’t blame Yankees, though, but us – for ’tis we who refuse to do anything but be subjugated. Like you, Sir, I stand by ready to change course on that, but, must wait for a consensus of our people to go in that direction.

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      • I’d like it on our terms, not theirs. They talk like they’re the final authority in all things.
        I’ve violated my rule about not arguing with Yankees. I’ve begun to challenge anti Southern commentary on Huffpo. So far, they haven’t been able to rebut my comments. I’ve gotten likes, from many Southrons, and even folks from out west and England, however. A young woman who claimed to be from Louisiana, and an alumnus of LSU made strong anti Southern statements that sounded mighty Yankee like. I asked her; ” Couldn’t find a job back in Minnesota, Illinois or Michigan, could you?” I still await the response


      • Yes, Sir – but, as you well know, they would never give up one of their two prize colonial possessions- the other being the western states won from Mexico before they won us.

        Until our fellow Southerners embrace some sort of Southern Nationalism, even a collapse of the Yankee government will not bring about any change; for, with the current mindset of most of our fellow countrymen, they would merely walk about, in such a case, like sonnambulists in a daze, wondering from whom they would get their next instructions and entitlements checks.

        Harsh, I understand, but, lest you correct me, I will keep to that view.


  2. ‘I’ve violated my rule about not arguing with Yankees. ‘

    Pick your places, Mr. Owen, but, indeed, DO argue, respectfully, with Yankees.

    Nothing better than watching the expression come over their face as, a few minutes into the conversation, that the sublime security with which they view the world, and us, starts to come loose.

    If Southern patriots, who think as clearly and articulate as cogently as you, remain quiet, what chance do we have to change the culture ? … OUR CULTURE!

    In the end, all societies are based on ideas, and, though these ideas sometimes are defended with arms, most of the time they must be defended with conversation – so, please, stay at them; and, if you need someone to keep your back, give me a link and I will stand with you.

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  3. ‘A young woman who claimed to be from Louisiana, and an alumnus of LSU made strong anti Southern statements that sounded mighty Yankee like. ‘

    Maybe you are spoiled, Mr. Owen, but, here, in North Carolina, we are knee-deep in scalawags. In fact, I am surprised when I don’t meet them!:)))


    • Yes, Sir, I am spoiled. The first eleven years of my life were lived in ignorance of the North and the people who dwell there in. Since then, I’ve encountered many transplants who claim to be “from Texas,” because they’ve lived here a few years. These transplants are always making anti-Southern statements and trying to change our customs, culture and polity. Yet, they claim to be Southern, based simply upon residence. There’s no doubt that the woman in Louisiana is a transplant. Apartment houses across Dixie are full of such young ladies who like the fact that they need Summer clothes more than a hat and coat, but just can’t bring themselves to take that job back in Minneapolis. So they end up being HR ladies presiding over rough and tumble Southern factory hands. Which they hate. The last HR lady we had, finally dragged herself back to Ohio. We got a new one from
      Texas, and all was right again. She understood us and our ways. I’ve seen other anti-Southern statements from people living here in Dixie, and they’re always either transplants, or the children of transplants. The only scalawags I know of, are our political leaders who keep trying to gain the approval of the North, at our expense.


  4. Yes, most Northerners come South, with an unconscious yearning to bring the North with them, but just to get away from winter and high taxation.

    It’s our job to be hospitable to them, but, when they start to be disrespectful to our ways, we must put them, politely, in their place.

    We don’t do enough of that. We must do a better job of that.


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