The alienated over the alien

The math is simple for Republicans. There is much more to gain, as Bloomberg admits, from alienated White voters concerned about immigration and job losses than from Hispanics who want open borders and amnesty. Donald Trump has helped push the GOP to the Right this election cycle. But given that 1) Whites are being replaced demographically in the USA due to Federal policy and 2) Whites make up a huge majority of Republican supporters “the Republican challenge,” as Bloomberg points out “will be to increase the overall percentage of the white vote, countering demographic trends, as well as their share of it.”

It is indeed a “risky” strategy, as the magazine points out, to side with a shrinking population in a democratic system. But what choice do the Republicans really have? They can go the way of Lindsey Graham and Jeb Bush and cater to the alien but this increasing turns off White voters. When given a choice potential Republicans voters, many of them alienated by mainstream GOP politics, reject Graham and Bush for the more pro-White politics of Donald Trump.

Pat Buchanan says that Trump and the populist-nationalist politics which surround him are the future of the Republican Party. The Left-wing Media Matters claims that White nationalist ideas are now “firmly in the mainatream.”

Is this a positive development for Southern nationalists? That would seem to largely rest on whether you subscribe to the “worse is better” theory. I do not. Better is better, especially when it comes to rejecting political-correctness, challenging the false-Right elites and improving our demographic situation. We need space for our ideas and time to develop our organizations, cultural influence and intellectual tradition.



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  1. The last sentence of your article is the best. Southern Nationalists need to BUILD our OWN institutions.We need our own school, our own radio and television media centre, our own farms and retail, our own manufacturing, our own communities, etc. I preached this mantra for years, but it fell on deaf ears. I remember telling this to a League member 20 years ago , and they actually laughed at me and said, ” You just dont get it ! Everything is going to collapse within two years !”

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    • Scott, you were proven correct. Waiting for a collapse is a losing strategy. Building for the future is definitely the way to go. Sadly, few SNs still seem to understand this.


      • I’m sorry to hear people are ‘waiting for a collapse’, Sir, because, if they are, without a culture embedded with Southern Nationalist values, such a vacuum would quickly be filled with either A. the same thing as before; or B. something just as specious.


    • You are right, Scott – we definitely are going to have to have our own media centers. In small ways, Mr. Cushman has tried to take those steps, but, I assume, he did not have enough funding to make something bigger.

      Southern Nationalism will never be successful without our own media.

      To get people’s thinking you have to have their attention, and you cannot get it, these days, away from a screen.


  2. Hispanics don’t belong in the South. We need to be pressuring our Legislatures to get them out. We have to go crazy and make it happen because the State Legislatures following the will of DC are going crazy on us to get us out of the picture. We have to make our State Government’s fear us as they’re supposed to.


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