A safe space for Southerners

A Southern national state, even if it were small or only semi-autonomous, would provide a safe space for Southerners who no longer feel secure or comfortable in the present US society. Perhaps they are concerned with Black-on-White crime. Or maybe it is the Hispanization of their local school system. It could be Muslim immigration. Or maybe it is as simple as the out-sourcing of industries and jobs to the Third World. Whatever the particular cause of the feeling of insecurity or not belonging (and it might be a combination of many factors), a Southern national state would be a safe home – even for those Southerners unwilling or unable to move there at present.

European Jews, facing hostility from the deluge of Muslim immigrants brought in by traitorous politicians, have such a safe space. They have Israel, which is recognized as a Jewish national state. Jews are moving there in record numbers and are reported to feel safer and more comfortable in the pro-Jewish environment. Read the CNN article linked above. And consider how it might be for Southerners who have fled the deteriorating conditions of once thriving and recognizably Southern cities to settle in a Southern national state. It would be a homecoming. In their new home their culture, identity, religion, language and heritage would be celebrated rather than scorned. Policies would encourage their demographic advancement rather than decline. Their security would be a top priority rather than an afterthought.

Now more than ever before we need a Southern national state.



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  1. The American Empire does nothing for our security. Those who believe the South will survive in a Political Cesspool that’s called the “USA” needs their head examined. Our only hope for survival is a Free South. A Southern nation for our people! Deo Vindice !


  2. Sir, the connection between land and blood, and the culture that arise therefrom, is the sacred fundamental building block to community stability.

    Over and over I have said to my lifelong leftist friends – ‘grant The South the same right you grant yourself in owning property and a house, and in closing your door at night.

    In Italian, there is a very old maxim, and it goes like this : ‘Ama a suo vicino, ma non tagliere la siepe … ‘love your neighbour, but, don’t cut down your hedge’ …


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