Jeb Bush on Americanism

The essence of Americanism, according to Republican establishment figure and former Florida Governor Jeb, is an idea. It is specifically an anti-nationalist and anti-traditionalist idea. He said in the Republican presidential campaign last night, “We should be a welcoming nation. Our identity is not based on race or ethnicity. It’s based on a set of shared ideas. That is the essence of American citizenship.”

This is in stark contrast to the traditional concept of nationhood which is based on ethnic, cultural and historic connections which unite people much like an extended family or tribe.

True to his universalist ideas Jeb has married a short mestizo woman and made a political career out of helping Third World immigrants displace Southerners (demographically and culturally) and other Westernerners in the United States. He has attacked Southern heritage as “racist” just as Hillary Clinton, Al Sharpton and Nikki Haley because it doesn’t fit into his Leftist, universalist world-view.

Bush’s concept of Americanism as a radical universalist ideology is entirely consistent with that of US politicians and cultural leaders across the acceptable (and limited) spectrum of ideas. This is something we shall explore in future posts on SF as we contrast it to traditional and healthy Southern identity.



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  1. Years ago a CNN reporter asked Jeb’s son who is half white- half mestizo, what he thought about being mixed race. The boy’s reply was,” brown is beautiful! ” ( Jeb was very proud.) Imagine CNN asking Donald Trump’s child how he/she feels about being white and the reply was, “white is beautiful !” Just IMAGINE.

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