The failure of democracy in Iowa

Iowa has probably the most democratic system in the USA. It also has an electorate that is mostly White, rather rural and heavily Christian. While it is not Southern, Iowa is a bit removed from the über-liberal Northeast. And it produced terrible results last night. It rewarded candidates on both sides backed by the same powerful financial and internationalist/pro-war interest groups who have wrecked our civilization. The 2016 Iowa Caucuses are a testament to the power of the entrenched elites and the failure of democracy – much like the recent regional election in France in which the socialists of the establishment Left and conservatives of the establishment Right united against the nationalists/populists. As Occidental Dissent notes, the “uniparty” was triumphant. Goldman Sachs won last night – and the democratic masses gave them victory.



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  1. I went to school with kids from Iowa, back in 79′. Despite some superficial similarities with Texan/Southrons, they’re not like us. When it comes to religion and politics, they’re died blue in the wool Yankees. They’re no different, except in geography, from their New England forebears.

    Corpocracy, machine politics, incongruous alliances between political machines, Unions and corporations, endless wars for democracy, which are just Yankee social engineering schemes taken to the international level, Federal supremacy, which is another name for Northern supremacy, all these things are traditional Yankee values. This is what the “Conservatives” of Iowa are conserving. The difference between Iowa and New Hampshire will be in degree and method, not in kind. The ‘religion ” these people practice is still the strange, Puritan kind they’ve always practiced. The little Iowa girl in my class threw a fit when anyone said “praise the Lord” or “thank God.” Our teachers were unabashedly Christian, which upset her as well, because it wasn’t the “right kind” of faith. As an aside, these are the people who called themselves, “Missouri”, “Kentucky”, and ” West” Virginia “Union” troops during the WSI. Some of them now call themselves “Texans.” But they still ain’t us. Neither is Cruz.

    Our country, our land, our people will produce a different result from Iowa and New Hampshire.


    • Mr. Owen, I love reading your comments, though, in this case you left me stumpt.

      The polls showed that the #1 issue for Iowans were values – NOT economy, NOT national security (alliances)

      And, in my view Iowa conservatives were conserving many the very same values we traditional Southerners have been trying to conserve – traditional Christian values, independent localities with less central government influence, the right to life, the value of God & family, and the free market place as embodied in The Constitution.

      But, yes – they are also conserving the Federal idea, which is what will be conserved, until Southerners relocate their balls.

      Let me finish by saying this ; yes, they are Yankees, yet, states like Indiana, Ohio, and Iowa always have had a lot in common with places like North Carolina, both in methodology and aspiration.


  2. Democracy worked as it was suppose to. It’s a failure of a system that should be rejected or looked upon with a high degree of suspicion.


  3. St Paul and St Peter the founders of Christianity, originally Jews, accepted the Messiah and spread the message of God throughout what became Christendom founding the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches. Without the acceptance of the Messiah, God is rejected and the Jews who control the US and many other nations evil having crept in, carry on their war with the Gentiles. We are their first priority being the sons of Noah’s son Japeth whom are decreed by God to guide and watch over the other races with our genetic superiority. Our civilization’s are a manifestation of who we are as a race, each group having it’s own cultural uniqueness and distinctiveness as the Arabs, Blacks and Asians being separate races from us and themselves also possess. That’s what it means to be part of a race. Japanese, Koreans and Chinese are all different people’s but they are also all Asian and distinctively so. As we grow it is our mandate to help and uplift the world, not bring it into our living space and destroy ourselves as the Jews would have us believe. Jesus Christ is the Jewish Messiah and it is important for all of us to understand so we can see who the Jews whom are reeking havoc on many of our nations are following.


  4. Sir – right up front I’ll remind you that I am strenuously in favour of secession, for a free & independent South, state by state. That said, my fellow Southerners are NOT. That means I must continue to find my place in this system.

    I will vote for Donald Trump, but, prefer Ted Cruz.

    I must respectfully disagree with you that what occurred in Iowa, on the Republican side is a sham.

    Iowa has it’s own processes, and nobody should think that Iowans ought be like their state. Iowans have a right to the own unique culture and processes, just as do we, without having to adjust themselves to endless charges from the outside.

    Sir, there were many candidates of incredibly varied stripes – from an avowed communist to a communist in denial, to liberal republicans, libertarians, and conservatives.

    The debates processes, leading up to the caucases, have been exceedingly vigorous.

    Bankers, of every stripe are in on this. That IS the American way – and it IS most certainly the North Carolina way.

    America HAS ALWAYS BEEN an oligarchy, and, it will not surprise you that your Tarheel brother state, just north of you, HAS BEEN, as well.

    Freedom means allowing elites to occur and to be; and elites, just like anyone else, wish to contribute their point of view and assets to asserting that.

    As to the Cruz campaign, Sir – if memory serves, he had 12,000 volunteers in Iowa, and has received over 800,000 donations, the average being $67.

    If that is not democratick enough, let me assure you, this country has never done any better, nor will it.

    With every respect to the great Mr. Griffin – Ted Cruz is the very antithesis to the ‘Uniparty’. In fact, the uniparty hates his everloving guts. But, yes, some Jewish bankers like him.

    With all due respect, just because some Jewish bankers like and support him, does not disqualify a man from service. If it does, then, you will have to erase the entire history of the presidency, including Jefferson Davis, because he had avid Jewish supporters – which was why the Confederate head of supply, the secretary of the treasury, the surgeon general, and the second secretary of war, were all Jewish.

    Please take no offence, because, as always, I hold you in high esteem and very much appreciate your analysises.

    I just think you are unfairly biased in favour of wealthy Yankees.


    • JD, I don’t fault Iowa for a lack of democracy. In fact, I mentioned that their system (which I think is awful) is very democratic. I fault it for producing a terrible result. They could have voted for someone who made closing the border, cutting off Muslim immigration, ending the Neo-con foreign policy and ending the terrible free trade agreements central planks of his platform. But they didn’t. Almost as many voted for Rubio, who takes the wrong side on nearly everything, as voted for Trump.


      • Thank you for your thoughts, Sir.

        Iowa is full of conservatives – NOT George Wallace Dixiecrats. which, Sir, if you don’t mind me saying so, is what you would have been, if you had been born a few decades earlier.

        Trump is a Yankee-ified reinvention of the Wallace campaign in 1968 – in fact, it is startling to see the resemblance.

        I agree with the central planks of Trump’s platform, which you mention, BUT, there are many other things that I do not agree with about him – his support of Obama care, abortion, planned parenthood, his very clear lack of Christian faith, his tyrannical temper tantrums in full view of the publick (From this Tarheel’s point of view he seems unstable, and even more narcisstick than the current head of the Yankee empire) I also dislike his lack of respect for the constitution, and governmental restraint. (In fact, he never speaks of governmental restraint) After 15 years of overweening executive overreach, I am not crazy about the idea of having another overreacher in there, another Yankee, no less, meddling with every aspect of Tarheel society.

        Further, he is a Yankee, which means that, the fact he is white, and of Scots origin, is no consolation to this Tarheel.

        He is NOT one of us, no way, no way.

        That said, if he wins the nomination, in lieu of Cruz, (who, in spite of his obvious Castilian blood, acts, believes, and speaks ten thousand times more Southron than Trump) I will vote for him.

        If Rubio wins, I may just bury my head in a hole in the garden on election day.

        Forgive my testiness. It is an election year. All the best to you, Sir.

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  5. JD, right you are about the difference between Iowa conservatives and Southern Dixiecrats. I am definitely not a US conservative.

    I hold nothing against Cruz for his ancestry. I would welcome a small number of White Latin Americans like Cruz in a free South.

    I also take your criticisms of Trump. He is not the ideal candidate I would support. But I do think his run is historic and potentially revolutionary.


    • Sir, I am toucht by your kind and forthright words, and honoured to be in your company, because, if anything you are not only a cultural seer, you are a true Southern gentleman, and, being that the latter is an endangered specie, you must be conserved, encouraged, and appreciated.

      May I make a little confession?

      I speak languages, have traveled quite a bit of the world, am conversant with chess & bridge, play a musical instrument at a high level, am a novelist, who, by the way, knows how to punctuate and spell well enough that he is not constrained to hire help to compose his works.

      Further, Sir, my wife, daughter, (for whom I open doors and to whom I address as, ‘m’am’) and I live in an antebellum mansion – with a big yard, right smack dab in the middle of town; – , and, though we are not the wealthiest of this small historick northeastern North Carolinian town, we are in the top 2% of everyone for miles around

      In fact, if negroes were still bought and sold, we would own at least several, if not more, And, what’s more, Sir : you can be sure that they would be treated one hell of a lot better than they are by the modern Yankee welfare plantation, or in the minimum wage private employe, in which most of them, who live in this town, find themselves.

      What does this mean?

      It means that I am one of those paternalistick elites of which you are fond to speak.

      So, now that you are apprized of such, you may gain an insight into the fact that, while you and I are both fire-breathing secessionists and unreconstructed Southron Nationalists, we are, not just for reasons of blood, but, as well, for reasons of strata, of slightly different stripes.

      Admittedly, Ted Cruz is no perfect candidate, either, but, from my paternalist aristocratick, and hatefully racist Confederate point of view, he is the closest thing, short of secession, to marching up Pennsylvania Avenue and, after burning down the monuments to Federal culture, planting a huge unapologetick Confederate flag over the White House.

      Knowing me as you do, you might appreciate why I like that, and why I support that.

      I do not trust Yankee candidates, but, if I have no choice, I will vote for one of them, if he is opposing a socialist, even if that socialist is a Southerner. I don’t socialists, and I dislike scalawags of the brand even more.

      The very best to you, Sir, on this winter’s day.


      • You are too kind, JD. We need many more such as you to be leaders in our communities in restoring our national and home-grown social consciousness.


      • Dear Sir,

        certainly you come across as a cultured gentleman of the South.

        You mention that you are in the “top 2% of everyone for miles around”.
        How do you earn your living, then?
        (If you allow me to speculate: I’d say you either inherited a fortune or married into riches.)

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