Wall Street progressives & conservatives

Vermont self-described “democratic socialist” presidential candidate Bernie Sanders recently attacked front-runner Hillary Clinton for her close ties to Wall Street. He pointed out, “I do not know any progressive who has a super PAC and takes $15 million from Wall Street. That’s just not progressive.” Hillary, who narrowly won the Iowa Democratic caucuses, was challenged at a recent public appearance for accepting well over half a million dollars to give speeches for the multinational New York financial giant Goldman Sachs.

On the Republican side Rafael “Ted” Cruz, a self-described “courageous conservative” and “fighter for liberty” who narrowly defeated populist-nationalist Donald Trump in the Iowa caucuses, is married to Heidi Cruz, an investment manager at Goldman Sachs. Cruz has accepted $1 million in loans from Goldman Sachs and Citibank. Despite adopting an “outsider” image the Texas senator is popular with Wall Street bankers and hedge fund managers. Trump has aggressively attacked the controlling influence of Big Finance in US politics with a message which has been especially popular across the South, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Not only are both factions (Democrats and Republicans) of the ruling US uniparty controlled by Big Finance, as Right-wing populist and former Republican presidential candidate Patrick Buchanan recently noted, “on both trade and foreign policy, there is common ground between the rebellions in the Democratic and Republican parties, even as Clinton has ideological allies among the GOP free-traders and neocons of the Bush I and II presidencies.”



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  1. In the former USSR it was the apparatchiks in the politburo that managed that system, in the USSA the ruling class simply competes to see who can get their hands on power to control the system, and because there aren’t enough jobs for all of them; we have the ins and outs. Happily our overlords in the DC Empire are producing the same results as their counterparts back in Moscow, hopefully we will get a soft landing in the coming collapse!

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    • Actually, Mr. Aurre, you are quite right to mention those ‘apparatchiks (beaurocrats) running the soviet system, which, coincidentally, and rather tragically, is who is running this country today – policy beaurocrats who answer to no constituency – the congress having abdicated much of it’s role to an overweaning and tyrannical executive branch.


      • ” That which has come to be, that is what will come to be; and that which has been done, that is what will be done; and so there is nothing new under the sun. Does anything exist of which one may say: “See this; it is new”? It has already had existence for time indefinite; what has come into existence is from time prior to us.” ( Ecc1:9,10 )


  2. Michael. You guys are starting to sound like Socialists. I’ve actually been finding myself agreeing with some things Brad is saying. I agree about the “Uniparty”. I never thought I’d live to see the day where Brad has to stick up for Bernie Sanders. What in the world is happening? Is it possible for the Far Left and the Far Right to unite on some issues? What do you think? There is still much that divides us, but, is it possible to have constructive dialogue about issues we agree on? I don’t think either side is going to move the ball alone.

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    • Spelunker, there has always been a strong social element to the Southern traditional worldview. In fact, Fitzhugh called our traditional system of paternalism the truest and best socialism. That said, I am certainly no man of the Left. But Sanders and others of the so-called Far Left do have many valid points in critiquing the establishment. I would actually rather Sanders win than a mainstream Republican like Rubio, Christie, Bush, etc.

      In Europe we see the Far Right becoming the party of the native working class – especially in northern France but also in Sweden and other countries. In France the Center-Left joined with the Center-Right to defeat the Far-Right, which was running on an economic platform which had been abondoned by the Center-Left. A union of Far Right and Far Left on some issues is not only possible but has already taken place elsewhere. And if the establishment GOP is defeated we might see the same here.


      • Actually, Sir, though, in this day and age you could readily be labeled as a Revolutionary’, in historical terms (a political context that allows for nationalist and racist concepts) you would be a centrist, which is, as I said, earlier today, is why you would have fit perfectly into the Dixiecrat alliances of yesteryear.

        I have oft said to my progressive Yankee friends : ‘the best thing that y’all can do for y’allselves is to help and encourage us states’ righters and secessionists all y’all can; because, the sooner we are out of y’all’s hair, is the sooner y’all can have y’all’s cultural revolution and all be blissfully the same.


  3. As to ‘Goldman Sachs’, Sir, it is completely out of the sway of our history, to disallow bankers (Jewish or otherwise) or, for that matter, any other sort of influence peddler.

    The only kind of system that has successfully marginalized that manifestation of freedom, is a kind of system so ruthlessly repressive, that the e ‘success’ in that regard, has been vastly outweighed by the wretched horror of an environment it producet in which it’s people lived.

    Inequity is much better than repression. People have a right to try to influence others – be that through verbalization, sex, musick, money, or what have you.


    • I would say a foreign people influencing the federal government is wrong. We already have laws making it illegal for any foreign entity to buy and sell politicians. All we have to do is force the Congress to recognize Aipac, Goldman Sachs and all other Jewish entities that control and brainwash our people as foreign agents. It is illegal for say, the bank of England to start buying out politicians here, Aipac, and all the other Jewish organizations and banks are no different. Cruz works for the Jews, Hillary works for the Jews. The only politician who may not is Donald J Trump but even if he didn’t work for the Jews and was a clone of Putin the South would still be in a deathspiral as it would still be a slave to the North and it’s flag. Jews by and large are loyal to Israel, they are dual nationals who see their homeland as Israel and not the US or any other nation wherein they reside.


      • Unfortunately, Jay, it is impossible to keep out foreign influence – especially when you currency is owned by a foreigner.

        You see, you could make as many laws as we would want, but, just like with the constitutional prohibition against privatizing our currency, eventually some president, and or congress, would sell them out.

        It’s a dilemma that, in this world, neither a man nor a culture is an island unto himself.


        • “Unfortunately, Jay, it is impossible to keep out foreign influence – especially when you currency is owned by a foreigner.”

          The system as the Kennedy Brothers (authors of several Southern published works about the War and Jefferson Davis) put it, is broken. The US is a rogue state that has placed itself above the 50 that comprise it’s claimed jurisdiction. The US only has claim to it’s district of columbia. In such a system where the people in charge are left to police what their powers are and how wide they span the 50 States are left with Secession or Reform. The Republicans want the Government to stand with the 14th Amendment intact, as such the 50 States are held as slaves to the Federal Government. Ultimately it is up to the States to decide if they should go or stay. Do we want freedom or do we want to continue to accept servitude?

          Getting back to point, in a proper political structure regarding confederations and Unions, the laws are enforced by the political entities that comprise them, in the Union’s case those would be the 50 States. In a proper functioning State, we’ll say South Carolina was free for example, everyone that comprises it’s ruling entity is held in check by the people, not figuratively, physically. Those that would be influenced from abroad whether enshrined in law or not are traitors and guilty of treason. They are handled directly by the people in a free land. Too long have people become soft living as servants in the Federal dominated US. If someone is betraying you you bring them to justice, not let it continue on and make excuses for it. Traitorous treasonous behaviour has to be rooted out and vigilantly watched for.

          “neither a man nor a culture is an island unto himself.”

          A nation is a people and a culture living on it’s land. Our people on our land are the authority in our home.


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