US media spins New Hampshire

The US media spin: A Donald Trump win in New Hampshire would change nothing and indeed if it isn’t in a landslide a win would actually be a loss. And a Trump second place finish would be a disaster and signal the end of his campaign. Meanwhile, a second or third place finish for an establishment candidate would be “strong” and show that they have “momentum.” So a win isn’t a win for Trump and a loss is utter defeat. But a loss for the others is victory. Such is how our propaganda… err… news is presented by Fox NewsPolitico and all the rest.

It really doesn’t matter if the media outlet leans towards the Republicans or Democrats, the spin on the New Hampshire primary is the same.

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  1. I just watch Mrs Clinton’s concession speech in New Hampshire. She talked abour fighting “racism” in Alabama and generally regulating the South, which drew huge cheers from the Yankee crowd. Minding other people’s business being their chief concern. Even at the expense of their own states. Then she talked about the usual progressive notions of rights and equality for all “Americans.” Which I doubt seriously includes the Southern people, or cattlemen in Wyoming, or loggers in Oregon, or anyone outside of Yankeedom. Especially if they’re white and traditionalist.

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