Oh, happy day!

Granted, it isn’t the firing on Fort Sumter, lowering of the Federal flag in Richmond or razing of Pennsylvania Avenue but this headline and picture still gave me cause for joy today.

The GOP establishment is without a horse to ride. The expression of defeat looks good on them. God willing, the Party of Lincoln may be on the path to destruction. Oh, happy day!




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  1. Sir, by no means do I wish to diminish thy felicities, nonetheless, I must point out that Jeb Bush is rising in the polls, has no intention of leaving the race, still has a plentiful supply of cash, and, if the convention is brokered, will be the choice of the establishment.

    Mr. Owen spoke on something similar, today, at OD – he suggesting that this is all a kind of elaborate theatre, as a preliminary for the already pickt next president to be – Miss Hillary.

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    • JD, I hope Bush stays in. He has lots of money to spend attacking other establishment Republicans. Better if he, Marco, Cruz, etc. all stay in and divide the cuckservative/establishment vote. And if the convention is brokered and Trump ends up with the most votes but not the nomination that would likely help destroy the GOP. Which is positive. I see lots of positive possibilities on the horizen.


      • I see. I had not thought about it that way. I really have a hard time seeing either Cruz or Bush getting out – given that they both have such long pockets and are very determined men, each in their own right.

        If there is a brokered convention, Bush will be the nominee, NOT Trump.

        That seems to be a given.

        Then what? …


        • That would be a great outcome. It would likely destroy the GOP and create a huge backlash against the Conservative establishment.


  2. The Democrats and Republicans have the same establishment agenda. Nothing’s new with either party. However I think the people are becoming “FED UP” with establishment candidates. That’s a step in the right direction for us promoting a nationalist message. Deo Vindice !

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