Nationalist update: Is Germany the next Sweden?

The Sweden Democrats, an anti-immigration nationalist party, went from being a very small party with no representation to the most popular party in the country due to mass immigration and the rapefugee crisis. They doubled their support from 6 to 12% last year and now are at around 25-28%.

The Alternative for Germany (AfD) appears to be on a similar path. It was founded as a neo-liberal, anti-EU party but nationalists took it over and the left-libertarian elements quit last summer after losing control. It had been polling at 5-6% and initially fell after the split. The media condemned its Right-wing leader as killing the party with populism and nationalism. Then the “Christian Conservative” chancellor (and former communist youth leader) Angela Merkel let in 1 million Arab and African rapefugees – who proceeded to behave true to their nature and turn the public against them. The AfD began moving back up in the polls, recently getting 11%. In the most recent poll they are at 13% – where the Sweden Democrats were last year.

Is Germany the next Sweden? Can the rising tide of populists/nationalists save Europe? It will be very interesting to watch. From a Southern nationalist perspective it sure would be nice to have friends (check out the flag) and fellow patriots in charge in Europe once again.



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  1. The US is the Jewish lynchpin to this whole global mess. Once it goes, their power will dissolve and Russia will hold the strongest position. In Sweden we’re seeing the first real hole in the Jewish program of global white genocide start to emerge. But it will be for naught if the US is not dissolved or builds a friendship with Russia. If Trump gets elected and will do that, they have a chance but the Jewish power that controls the US will do everything to destroy them. As long as the US stands, the EU stands giving the Jews a centralized tool to quash what will be called rebellion. Israel also houses nuclear weapons and can hit every nation in Europe. They train them on them regularly. With US servitude Israel has the backing to carry out what it will see as the destruction of new national socialist germany(s). For world peace and the survival of our people, and more broadly race, the US must cease to exist.

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    • ‘In Sweden we’re seeing the first real hole in the Jewish program of global white genocide start to emerge.’

      May I submit that the first hole is the CIA backt coup of the Ukrainian government, and the failed policy to subjugate the Crimea. That has very definitely NOT gone according to plan.
      Syria is not working out, either.
      Furthermore, Poland has very decisively resisted any meddling, and now Hungary is following suit.
      Moreover, the EU is beginning to debate it’s own validity, or, if failing that, has begun to question the conclusions about open borders.
      If you look closely, the Anglo/American/Rothschild alliance has been meeting every stiffer resistance and suffering setbacks.
      Stay tuned – this year promises to hold good fortune for those of us who stand by the sovereign rights of all peoples on their lands.

      I hope you would appreciate the good news:)

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