GOP deconstructs Southern industry

The South Carolina mill pictured here is just one of countless empty, decaying production centers which litter small towns across the South – a casualty of NAFTA and free trade with the Third World.

Back in the early 1990s when I was in school Right-wing populist Patrick Buchanan came here to stand with locals and denounce the proposed NAFTA deal and warn that it would lead to the loss of industrial jobs, killing small towns and devastating many families and communities. It passed thanks to overwhelming support from the Republican establishment.

Weeds and small trees now grow in its parking lot. A Donald Trump sign stands in front of it. No other political sign are within sight. It is a symbolic message of opposition to the GOP establishment who have ruined so many Southern communities with policies which only benefit the Republican donor class.




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  1. Sir, just 30 miles to the west of here, is the large town of Roanoke Rapids – population 30,000 – not including it’s rural environs. Throughout the 19th & 20th centuries, it was a town full of all kinds of mills. Starting in the very last years of the previous century the last four mills began to leave. The last large one left 5 years back, throwing, all at once, 8,000 people out of work.

    Now the downtown is almost completely deserted, as more and more chains, such as Radio Shack, relocate elsewhere.

    Conservatism would have saved this – because conservatism is conserving the definition of our country – which is The Constitution, and that mandates protecting American businesses with the levying of tariffs.

    Globalism and corruption is responsible for this, though, fake conservatism, too, is a large contributor.

    We, however, continue to accept this, by continuing to associate with the idea of ‘being American’ – and idea dictated by the Yankee government.

    Ultimately we are to blame, for we choose servitude, injustice, oppression, godless secularism, and desolation over our own welfare.

    When will we wise up, and begin the struggle for our sovereign rights?

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    • It is the same sad story in so many Southern communities, devastated by Americanism. Trump is great taking on this issue but we ultimately need a strong, popular Southern voice to take this matter and own it. We need a serious SN campaign that is focused on gaining power rather than blowing off steam.


      • Sir, that is absolutely right. Today, in bible class, we started out, as usual, with politicks:)

        All of us arch conservative traditional Southerners, there was plenty of complaining, mixt in with raucus humour.

        When our class leader – a spry and righteous man in his mid seventies, got through making a valid point, I askt : ‘Well, Sir – what are we to do?’

        No answer.

        We have to get beyond complaining and blowing off steam and move to concrete constructive steps.

        What happened to the formation of a Southern Nationalist Party, last fall?

        Was there not enough enthusiasm?

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        • JD, the SNP never got off the ground because it was basically going to all fall upon me to organize, fund and lead it. That is simply not possible. I worked 82 hours last week and am buying a house and getting married. I just don’t have time to organize and lead a party. And, given my engagement, I can’t put all my money into it as I did SNN and the LS activism.


  2. Three years ago, they built the first, new cotton gin in Northeast Texas, in fifty years, south of town. It’s meant to supersede two older gins in Paris. However, over in Grayson county, Johnson & Johnson’s gauze and suture division is gone. Burglington Industries, Levi Strauss and Denison Cotton Mill, are all gone, too. In the fall, I see flatbeds loaded with rolls heading to the gins south of town. Yet the cotton T-shirts I buy at Walmarts are made in Vietnam. What’s next, ship raw logs overseas and import finished lumber?

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  3. Same here in Mississippi. The GOP could care less about our Workers. Only in making more profit. That was the name of the game with NAFTA and other trade agreements. No care for the people. Only for the benefit of money and Globalization. I’ve done a couple of public rallies on this topic and the sheeple ignored it. Not unusual as the people have been reconstructed beyond measure in the South. Thank God for us the elect remnant! Deo Vindice !

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