Connection with our enemies

Some of those who worked in the independent Southern press of the Antebellum period recognized that political concessions such as the Compromise of 1850, in which the South surrendered her constitutional rights for the sake of Union and peace, were only temporary measures and could not overcome the fundamental differences and hostility between Northerners and Southerners.

Celebrated American historian Avery O. Craven in his important work The Growth of Southern Nationalism 1848-1861 (LSU Press, 1953) quotes an insightful newspaper editor from Columbus, Georgia on the matter:

There is a feud between North and South which may be smothered, but never overcome. They are at issue upon principles as dear and lasting as life itself. Reason as we may, or humbug as we choose, there is no denying the fact that the institutions of the South are the cause of this sectional controversy, and never until these institutions are destroyed, or there is an end to the opposition of the North to their existence, can there be any lasting and genuine settlement between the parties. We may purchase, as we have done in this instance, a temporary exemption from wrong by a course of compromise and concession; but we had as soon think of extirpating a malady by attacking its symptons as to hope for a final adjustment of our difficulties. The evil is, Northern interference with Southern institutions, an interference that is legalized by and grows out of our political connection with our enemies. …Let no Southern man be deceived: a momentary quiet has hushed the voice of agitation; but there is no peace.

As we see with the war upon Southern symbolism, culture and identity, the abolition of slavery (and segregation) has not “hushed the voice of agitation.” Northern hostility to Southern distinction – and mere existence – persists. As the Columbus newspaper editor noted, this hostility and the resulting conflict grows out of our unfortunate political connection with non-Southerners. The Union is the source of our problems.




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  1. Battleground Texas. An political organisation founded in Ohio and staffed by Ohioans for the specific purpose of changing the polity of Texas to suit the people of Ohio, not the people of Texas. In other words, “Democracy” as practiced by Yankees, and the true meaning of “Union®,” which is Northern suzerainty and Southron satrapy mistakenly called governors and legislatures.

    This kind of thing has been going on since the 1830s. Northerners have always attempted to subvert the culture and polity of the South, ever since they got it in their heads that the “Union®” was their personal and collective property. On modern blogs and social media, Northerners make it clear that the war is still on, and they aim to win it. Union is just another abstraction that they own and use for their purposes, as are ” Constitution” and “Bill of Rights.” Which apply, or don’t apply, to the Southern people, depending upon political expediency, and which have had dire consequences for us since the 1830s.

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  2. Looking back at my youth, I believe we had a great deal more Southern Nationalism in our society than we do, nowadays. In fact, I am sure of it.

    Reall,y Sir, I could say a lot of fancy things, but, sadly, I would point firstly and foremostly that the fact we have daily invited an alien into our house, at all times of the day & night for the last 65 years, (TV) has been very very costly to us.

    Unbeknownst to us, we have been redirected into not seeing, not recognizing, not considering, nor even knowing ourselves.

    Sir, far into my middle age, I will say this : the scariest thing about this time in history, to me, is how much authority we give to those whom we do not even know.

    Our entire Sovereignty has been undermined, simply because, mentally, we are no longer anywhere close to sovereign.

    When I was a child, TV had taken hold, but, people still sat out on porches, en masse, and discusst the body politick. It was a conversation that the Yankee government, and the aliens who usurpt it, could not direct. As that receded, so did our self-identity.

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  3. They claim we are all “Americans” but their “American” is superior to ours and we must be subservient to them, the wiser and more intelligent group. The Yankees are bullies plain and simple who only understand being bested and forced to back off. We’ve a “Union” run by children for the last 150 years. All you have to do is mention Secession and it won’t be long before you hear “We’ll come down there and kick your ass again”. These people will only ever understand a Southern Victory and by that I mean the successful erection and securement of a Southern homeland. With the state of things, when we go we shouldn’t have much resistance to deal with. If they want to wage a war in the future we’ll be here, fueled and possessing the knowledge of what we did wrong the last time and what the consequences will be if we allow ourselves to lose. They need to be beaten, thoroughly and forced to show respect on the world stage if they attempt another invasionary war.


    • They’re children alright. Spoiled, angry children. They also have an overwhelming sense of entitlement. The sooner we get rid of them, the better.


    • Indeed you are spot on sir…bullies and blowhards are a good description of most every yankee I have ever met. But just like a school yard bully a good bloody nose will send them running back to whence they came. At the heart of yankeeism is a core of cowardice and the ability of getting others to do their fighting for them, That is why in the 80’s the us army was primary made up of Southerners and that is now transitioning to a more black / hispanic component as we may not be trustworthy enough for our masters any longer. Gregory Kay, in his Southern Independence book series (fiction unfortunately), makes the case very well for this idea. Transported to the opposite end of the continent you find something very similar in the books written by Harold Covington (he was born and raised in Burlington, NC I believe) detailing the adventures of the Northwest Volunteer Army. Our rulers are corrupt cowards whose only concerns are their own wealth and pleasure…such people do not have the backbone for a real fight with those they have betrayed and abused especially with the shape end of a bayonet pointed solidly at their most valued body part.


  4. @ Mr. Booey…

    At the heart of yankeeism is a core of cowardice and the ability of getting others to do their fighting for them.’

    May I tweak this? …

    ‘ At the heart of Yankeeism is a belief they have a monopoly on right, a compulsion to usurp everyone’s state of mind & state, and the ability of getting others to do their fighting for them, which, sadly, my fellow Southerners love to do.’

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