“He kept us safe”

In the recent South Carolina Republican debate Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio dutifully repeated the GOP establiahment mantra regarding George W. Bush’s administration,”He kept us safe.” They expressed outrage that front-runner and politically-incorrect billionaire Donald Trump would dare to dispute this narrative. The establishment-friendly audience showered boos upon Trump and cheered wildly as Bush and Rubio, who are flagging badly in the polls and recently suffered defeat in the New Hampshire primary, repeated the neo-conservative talking point: “He kept us safe.”

Except for the terrorists killing thousands of people. Except for failing to protect the borders and then strongly pushing amnesty. Except for getting thousands killed in a war against Iraq – based on a lie and which accomplished precisely nothing. But remember that “He kept us safe” – except for all those times he didn’t.

Except for being a disaster, George W. Bush was a great president.




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    • We probably can’t convince them all. But I never would have dreamed that 8 years after Bush left office the GOP front-runner would be running on an explicitedly anti-Bush platform and openly attacking Bush’s record at every opportunity – and still be easily the most popular candidate among Southerners. That is very positive.

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  1. Sir, I really like W as a person, and know that his heart was in the right place. Still, I have been unable to evade the thought that, after Woodrow Wilson and Abraham Lincoln he was the worst president of the Yankee government, ever.

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  2. The Christian Zionists still worship George W. Bush. Why? Because the idea of Christian Family Values and Morals comes last. The Jewish Supremacists in Israel always come first with them. No friend of the Southern People. Deo Vindice !

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