Oh, happy day! (part II)

The picture and headline below of a rejected and defeated Jeb Bush brought a bit of joy to my heart this morning. I thought I’d share it with SF readers and spread the happiness.

Imagine spending $150 million to promote your candidacy, having a supposedly popular former president campaign with you and enjoying a great deal of sympathy from the US media and political-financial establiahment – only to utterly fail. This is the story of Jeb Bush, who ran on an anti-White and anti-Southern platform as he tried to appeal to a base that was nearly all-White and heavily Southern.

Good riddance, Jeb. I only wish you would take Marco Rubio (who Ann Coulter notes is running on an anti-White platform as well) with you.

Meanwhile, South Carolina voted for a candidate that the Leftist Salon.com describes as a “proto-fascist” who is a “hero for the angry and resentful white ‘silent majority’.”

It is a beautiful morning here in the Palmetto State!

Also see: Oh, happy day! (part I)


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  1. My sense is that Senator Rubio will pick up most of Bush’s votes, which means that he will very formidable on the coming primaries. Wait until he picks up Kasich’s.

    I would make Rubio the odds on favourite to win the primary, and Mr. Trump to run as an independent 3rd party candidate.

    A Sanders’s presidency?


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