Pro-Southern economics

Several years before Donald Trump came along and put a bright spotlight on trade deals and mass immigration I was helping to organize Southern nationalist demonstrations across Dixie under the slogan “immigration hurts Southern workers.” We put hundreds of people on the streets of many cities and small towns in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee, generating a good bit of media coverage on behalf of our cause. When no one else was active for Southern workers, we were. And we exclusively targeted Republican establishment types who favor open borders and outsourcing industry, including Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham. The public response to our demonstrations and message was overwhelmingly positive. The only opposition we got was from a bizarre transgender activist group in Tennessee and some hostile Mexicans immigrant youths in Georgia. The vast majority of local Southerners greeted us with either enthusiasm or apathy.

Here is a clear and concise statement of core economic principles upon which there is broad agreement among the pro-Southern people I know:

  • We want to end NAFTA and other free trade deals with Third World countries which encourage the outsourcing of our industry and jobs.
  • We want secure borders and a halt to Third World immigration, which drives down wages for Southern workers. We also want illegal immigrants already here sent home.
  • We want the controlling influence over our political process by multinational corporations and Big Finance to be broken.
  • We want unnecessary regulations and taxes, especially those targeting small businesses, to be repealed.
  • We want an end to affirmative action and racial quotas which discriminate against qualified Southern workers.

Clearly, this is not a list of demands which either major US party would endorse entirely. These are not conservative or liberal demands. They are pro-Southern demands aimed at improving the lot of our people rather than adhearing to any universalist proposition.



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  1. For now, Trump is an interim to Southern independence. TNM have realised the worthlessness of Governor Abbott. However, they haven’t taken the next step and formed a Party. There has to be an SN Party in place to exploit the vacuum created by the destruction of the Republican, and hopefully, Democratic Party as well. The main political parties cannot serve our purposes in the long run.

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  2. I would love to see a true Southern Nationalist party arise. There has to be enough people who have a core belief of Southern Freedom, outside of other issues they may differ on, to create a movement. However, just like the tea party and the various militia movements that sprang up, TPTB will be quickly on hand to subvert and destroy it. I have, from time to time, searched on the internet without finding much more than the League of the South. Does anyone know of any other groups out there that could grow into the group we are all waiting for?

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